Renting a home just got easier

So many homes for rent, so little time! When you’ve made the decision to move into a new place, it can be a burden to go through the whole exercise of inquiring, vetting, negotiating, finalizing, and moving in. It’s not practical given today’s blazing fast lifestyle. And really, renting a place, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned mover, is not supposed to be that difficult. In this age of curated lifestyles and assistance at the tap of a finger, there’s expert advice you can take advantage of.

Backed by a decade of experience in providing young Filipinos smart real estate choices, Dwellings by Eton is committed to be your personal leasing partner and make every step in finding, defining, and refining your own space as relaxing as snuggling into your favorite armchair.

With the continuing growth of Eton Properties, Dwellings by Eton has access to hundreds of units of various sizes, all in strategic locations in the central business districts of Makati and Manila. Whatever your preference — a simple studio or a luxurious loft — the Dwellings by Eton team will scour its database for the right space, at the right price, and ready at the right time. Everything that matters to you — your office, your school, your church, your gym, favorite restaurants and entertainment spots — will be close to your new address. The central location offered by Dwellings by Eton will help you live your best life.

Looking out for the security and privacy of all tenants is a pillar of Dwellings by Eton’s service and support. With first-hand knowledge on different homeowners’ diverse priorities and preferences, the company enforces policies to minimize disruptions in the community. Smoking, for example, is not allowed on the premises to ensure current and upcoming tenants can enjoy a safer and cleaner indoor environment.

All Eton property recommendations are equipped with round-the-clock security systems, and Dwellings by Eton’s leasing specialists are ready to assist should there be any issues.

Matchmaking a home with residents is not easy, but the customer service it takes is the commitment of Dwellings by Eton’s personal leasing specialists. They bring clients the best living space for their needs and budget from inquiry all the way to moving in. Let them know what you’re looking for and they’ll get back to you with options. When you’ve selected the unit you like that fits your budget, Dwellings by Eton will prepare and process all the necessary paperwork. The team will facilitate and document everything that happens come move-in day, and even on move-out day.

Time-wise, price-wise, and future-wise, renting a home becomes the more preferable option with the right experts by your side. Dwellings by Eton places your utmost comfort in mind every step of the way, making you feel truly at home.

Get in touch with a Dwellings by Eton professional leasing expert today. Email [email protected] or contact 548-4082 or (0917) 827-7163.