An important investment for your home

“They say the biggest investments that people will make in their lives are their home and a car. For me, the third biggest investment is a good mattress,” says James Deakin, news anchor, journalist, TV host, motoring columnist, and road safety advocate.

The motoring journalist is literally always on-the-go. Deakin knows that adequate sleep is of primary importance. Hitting the sack at night is a very special moment for him because it signifies the end of what can be an extremely arduous day. Deakin admits to dozing off instantly because of his Tempur mattress. “I sink into bed and I just float away. It just wraps around and contours to the body,” he says.

“Seriously, once you’ve experienced a good night’s sleep with Tempur, you will know what you have been missing out on.”

Alice Dixson, actress, digital media producer and endorser, agrees. Come bedtime, she sleeps in an instant. Her secret? Her Tempur mattress and pillows. “The medium-firm mattress is perfect. It contoured to the weight and shape of my body and I really felt as if I melted into the bed.”

Tempur was recommended by Dixson’s chiropractor because what she initially thought was a stiff neck was already a degeneration of her C-4,5,6  vertebrae due to wrong posture. She also had a lumbar tear. While the pillow helped relieve the pain in her neck, the mattress provided therapeutic reprieve for her back pain. Her Tempur Hug Pillow, meanwhile, aided in correcting her posture while sleeping on her side.

Tempur has changed the overall quality of life of actress Alice Dixson.

Tempur has changed the overall quality of life of this dream girl. “The pain in my back has lessened. I don’t have to undergo frequent physical therapy sessions and massages. I knew that this product is what I needed and it just felt good.

For elite athletes, sleep is a crucial pillar of their performance. Greg Slaughter, professional basketball player for team Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, attests to this truth.

“My health is always a top priority and sleep is a very big factor when it comes to that. It helps me recover, mentally and physically and gives me the ability to go back to work fresh,” the 31-year old star player says.

“It started with one Tempur pillow and then a body pillow. I decided to get a mattress that would fit my size and I have been enjoying my uninterrupted sleep since then,” he adds.

Slaughter is seven feet tall and since most beds are usually just up to six feet, sleeping has always been a struggle. “So I contacted Tempur and they said they could get me one that was customized to suit my size and height,” he narrates. “It’s just the most comfortable bed I’ve been on in my life. It relaxes me and gives me the best sleep I’ve ever had.” His customized Tempur mattress is six feet wide, 10 inches thick and longer than 7 feet.

Slaughter said that Tempur is the most comfortable bed he’s been on in his life, and gives him the best sleep he’s ever had.

Sleeping patterns may be influenced by one’s career, daily routine, and lifestyle in general. Still, we all have a common need: a comfortable bed conducive to rest. A Tempur mattress is essentially the best investment for quality sleep. And there is no price tag for that.

Tempur’s sleep innovations trace their roots to the 1970’s when NASA developed a pressure absorbing material to help cushion and support astronauts during lift-off. Today, TEMPUR is the only mattress and pillow brand licensed by the US Space Foundation to use the Certified Technolgy Seal.

Tempur is exclusively distributed in the country by Focus Global. Inc. To know more visit Like and follow Tempur on Facebook @TempurinthePhilippines and Instagram @tempurph.


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