Sta. Lucia’s Crown Residences is your own paradise in Palawan

There’s no place like the breathtaking island paradise that is Palawan. Blessed with a bounty of nature’s treasures, Palawan enthralls every tourist with its pristine beaches and amazing cobalt-blue waters, lush rainforests, unspoilt islands surrounding the province, an abundance of marine life, diverse flora and fauna, and of course tropical weather. Its sunny shores and majestic beauty offer tourists their own serene sanctuary, a welcome respite from the stresses of the daily hustle.
Apart from its natural beauty, the Philippines’ last biodiversity frontier also offers a wide array of adventures such as island hopping, scuba diving, exploring hidden beaches, caves and rock formations, and indulging in the local cuisine. It thus comes as no surprise that Palawan and its capital city Puerto Princesa remain a favorite travel destination by both local and foreign tourists.

The Crown Residences by Sta. Lucia Land offers hotel rooms that make for a relaxing, hassle-free stay in this paradise.

Complementing the unique appeal of Palawan is The Crown Residences at Harbour Springs, which promises to make your stay here even more memorable.
Located along the National Highway in Puerto Princesa, The Crown Residences by Sta. Lucia Land offers hotel rooms that make for a relaxing, hassle-free stay in this paradise. Guests can make the hotel their home in Palawan as it boasts proximity to the tourist attractions and modern conveniences.
“We want to give our guests a most memorable, meaningful stay and we intend to do that by providing rooms that are competitively priced and located in areas where one can readily enjoy the wonders of Palawan. As with our other projects, The Crown Residences similarly speaks of comfort, convenience and safety, thus assuring guests of a truly enjoyable getaway,” explained Sta. Lucia Land president Exequiel Robles.

The Crown Residences is less than a kilometer from the docking station of Honda Bay, which serves as a jump-off point to the islands surrounding Puerto Princesa.

“At the same time, The Crown Residences serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to help provide quality accommodations to serve the growing demand from local and foreign tourists. We are one with the Department of Tourism in making the Philippines a top-of-mind travel destination,” he said.
Apart from the hotel amenities that you can enjoy, The Crown Residences is notably less than a kilometer away from the docking station of Honda Bay, which could serve as your jump off point to the many equally stunning islands surrounding Puerto Princesa.
Take your pick: Go to the marine sanctuary that is the Pambato Reef, which spans some 16.49 hectares in the middle of Honda Bay, to do some snorkeling, or you can visit the Starfish Island, which is said to have the greatest population of star fish (sea stars) in all of Palawan. If it’s low tide, it’s perfect to visit Luli Island, whose name is said to be a combination of the Tagalog words “lulubog” and “lilitaw,” which literally means to sink and to rise, respectively. And it’s what Luli Island does: it sinks at high tide and reappears during low tide.

The Crown Residences at Harbour Springs promises to make your stay in Palawan even more memorable.

At Cowrie Island, you’ll find cabanas to spend the day in, laze around and just soak up the sun while relaxing amid picturesque scenes of the sea and the beach. The Pandan Island, which has nipa cottages where you can stay, is said to have the finest white sand among the islands and a lush tropical forest that allows you to be closer to nature. It may be the farthest island from the docking station, but the amazing views of Honday Bay will be well worth your trip for sure.
The Crown Residences indeed serves as your perfect home in this island paradise. Not only will you get to enjoy the world class features and amenities within the Harbour Springs development, you will also get to revel in the relaxing, soothing ambience that only Palawan can offer.
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