The impact of architecture

When functionality and aesthetic facets meet, amazing architectural achievements make their way to becoming appreciated for generations. Architecture impacts our lives in ways we never expect. Good architecture means bringing balance into people’s lives and creating an environment where they can be inspired and have higher productivity.

Architecture has definitely come a long way, and with the help of technology and modernism, it has continually developed into a more venturesome and innovative style. Architects bring the most inventive ideas to life and these provide accessibility and convenience to people.

The scope of architecture continues to make progress in terms of design techniques and construction processes. Over the long course of human history, architecture has adapted to the ever-changing trends. Some structures are exceptional due to their scale, engineering, materials or ornaments. But whatever it is that made it extra-special, architects surely deserve all the recognition for everything they’ve contributed to society over the centuries.

That’s why from Dec. 4 to 6, the world’s leading architects gathered to celebrate, learn, exchange, and be inspired in the World Architecture Festival (WAF) at the remarkable RAI Arena in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The annual festival that was first held in 2008 and is the world’s largest, live, inclusive and interactive global architectural awards program and festival. It is one of the most reputable events dedicated to architecture and development industry.

Grohe is the leading global brand for bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings.

Grohe, one of the exclusive brands from Wilcon Depot, has been a sponsor of WAF for 12 consecutive years. Grohe is the leading global brand for bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings that are made from the finest technology, quality, design, and sustainability. During an interview, WAF program director Paul Finch mentioned that partnering with Grohe gives them delight and excitement in promoting architecture and designs across the region.

A total of 2,300 professionals from 70 countries and hosted 39 exhibitors, including Grohe, attended to witness and experience the numerous activities during the festival. Grohe had the chance to showcase their new products to the attendees. Part of the event was the awarding of the annual Water Research Prize Local Public Library.

The architects and designers that joined the competition presented projects that range from private, residential, education, infrastructure, healthcare, hospitality, interior and landscape. Of course, the Philippines was also part of the competition. The talents of the Filipino architects are evidently being acknowledged worldwide as four Filipino entries were shortlisted in four different categories, including acclaimed architect Carlo Calma; architect Buck Sia in collaboration with renowned designer Kenneth Cobonpue; along with first-timer Alero Design Studio, represented by its founders designer Jesy Cruz and architect Jaemi Cruz; and architect John Ryan Santos of John Ryan Santos and Partners. Mactan Cebu International Airport Terminal 2 by IDA HK impressed the judges as well under the transport category. From the 534 submitted entries this year, Grohe co-awarded the Netherlands as the winner of the “World Building of the Year.”

Along with the award ceremonies, some informative activities also took place during the festival like the Festive Hall, which talked about working globally, cutting-edge technology and innovative materials while the Amsterdam tours discussed some of city’s hidden architectural gems. The amazing architects shared their wisdom and knowledge with everyone who wanted to learn and grow.

But celebrating WAF would not be complete without exciting festivities like the WAF Secret Village where the delegates had the chance to visit multiple bars and restaurants to either sit and relax or party and enjoy the festivity of the night.

The output is certainly breathtaking to look at and dream about, but when talking about the work and execution of architecture, it’s all about the details, and sometimes those details can mean a lot of work. Congratulations to all the winners at WAF and salute to all architects and aspiring architects around the world. You all deserve the love and respect in the world. Your creations are an inspiration to everyone.