Camella Homes: The favorite township in the City of Golden Friendship

A favorite is one that finds its way into your heart, picks a spot in it, and never leaves. You grow up with it, treasure it with you all your days, and run to it for comfort and refuge in times of trouble and trials. In fact, the space it occupies in your heart only grows year on year; the more you cherish it, the more it grows, and the more it gives back to you.

A favorite never leaves, and always serves as an inspiration for personal growth and greater achievement. It is as much a part of one’s future, as it is of one’s past and present.

Proof positive of this is Camella Gran Europa, the time-honored favorite township in the City of Golden Friendship, Cagayan de Oro City.

A trip through each of its 18 well-appointed subdivisions takes you on a tour of Mediterranean major countries and cultures.

A favorite and well-loved brand among Filipinos for generations, Camella has long stood for high-quality homes in beautiful and safe communities where families grow and where social bonds strengthen. Indeed, many Filipinos have associated the Camella brand with happy childhoods spent playing in the fresh air and in wide-open spaces, where personal growth is as assured as it is wholesome.

In the over 40 years since its establishment, Camella has stayed in the hearts of countless Filipinos and flourished at the heart of the Philippines’ major and emerging cities. That is why it is no coincidence that one of Camella’s largest and most important developments is found in Cagayan de Oro. It is only apt that a brand that has stood for strong familial and social bonds, has this community in the City of Golden Friendship as one of its flagship sites.

Camella Gran Europa has been one of Cagayan de Oro’s long-established communities, and yet, it is still evolving with the times. It is ever-changing, faithful to Cagayan de Oro’s character as one of Mindanao’s most vibrant and dynamic cities. New expansion phases have opened up, creating more residential concepts for you to choose from, to live and invest in.

Camella Gran Europa’s landscaped greens, manicured gardens and parks, tree-lined roads, and signature rotundas look like a scenery from Tuscany or the French Riviera.

It is now a massive, sprawling 250-hectare township that brings together a stunning 18 subdivisions and projects, along with various comforts and amenities all within its boundaries. Indeed, it is a “city within a city,” a moniker Gran Europa has long been known for.

Being masterplanned means it contains and is close to everything you can possibly need, to live a happy, healthy, and wholesome life. Just within Gran Europa itself, there is a place of worship, San Vicente Ferrer Church, and an international school, Georgia Academy. Moreover, the community itself is surrounded as it is by Misamis Oriental’s top colleges.

Of course, right within the community’s boundaries itself is the Village Center, a commercial and retail space that is proof of Vista Land’s faith in and commitment to Cagayan de Oro as a promising area of growth in Northern Mindanao.

Coffee shops, restaurants, a supermarket, a drug store, a hardware and home furnishings store, other retail concepts, and an amphitheater — all are found in their very own neighborhood mall. As such, residents and their friends have a host of commercial and recreational options that they can enjoy whenever they please.

Camella Gran Europa is the best possible residential address and piece of investment that one can make in Cagayan de Oro.

A township like Gran Europa is not just masterplanned with respect to the community’s main components, but also in terms of its overall design aesthetic. Much has been said about its unique and cultured theme, but a trip through each of its 18 well-appointed subdivisions takes you on a tour of Mediterranean Europe’s major countries and cultures — Spain, France, and Italy.

With its landscaped greens, manicured gardens and parks, tree-lined roads, well-curated ornamentation and signature rotundas, and aptly designed homes that reflect the warmth and breeze of Mediterranean living, it could very well be a scene from a film shot in Tuscany or the French Riviera — until you remember that this glimmering masterpiece of real estate is actually ensconced in the shining City of Golden Friendship.

Indeed, where else can you find homes and subdivisions that bring together and pay homage to Italian taste for finer things, the carefree and celebratory culture of Spain, and French joie de vivre? Turns out, only here in Camella Gran Europa.

It’s important to note that Gran Europa is fortunate to be of great proximity to major infrastructure projects in Northern Mindanao — one of them being the newly-built access road leading all the way to Bukidnon — ensuring that all of these significant public works will help your life to flourish, making your property accessible and ensuring that its land value keeps appreciating over time.

Within Gran Europa is San Vicente Ferrer Church, a place of worship for all of its residents.

Of course, projects from private firms and the local government also surround the township — such as the St. Francis Hospital, and the new Cagayan de Oro Convention Center. Indeed, Camella Gran Europa is the best possible residential address and piece of investment that one can make in Cagayan de Oro, the fastest-booming city in Northern Mindanao, and one of the fastest-growing in the whole of Mindanao as well.

Not to be forgotten is the transport terminal within the community, with shuttles servicing homeowners in and out of Gran Europa, to and from the amenities and establishments that lay beyond its gates. These include various tourist attractions for which Cagayan de Oro has gained renown — whitewater rafting and kayaking, Mapawa Nature Park, Golden Friendship Park, Seven Seas Waterpark, Eden’s Solace, among others.

With all the timeless attractions and the new developments around Cagayan de Oro, matched by Camella’s ever-evolving offerings therein, there really is no better time than now to invest in Camella Gran Europa.

Indeed, a favorite like Camella always blooms and thrives, to ensure that you and your investment grow with it over time, as well. And Camella is indeed fortunate that one of its most enduring yet most dynamic communities is one of the abiding favorites of the city of Cagayan de Oro and its friendly people.

Present all over the country for well over 40 years, Camella continues in its vision of providing beautiful townships to the emerging middle-class Filipino families, whose lifestyle and aspirations are now as global and upwardly-mobile, reflective of their status as the fastest-growing cohort in society, in terms of growing financial clout.

Camella has consistently delivered on providing value on as many possible aspects — not just in the actual home you buy, but on the overall improvement in quality of life that you will enjoy, when you live or invest in a Camella masterplanned community, anywhere in the nation.

Learn more about Camella Gran Europa. Call Camella at 8226-3552 or (0927) 438-3201, follow Camella on Facebook at “Camella (Official)” and @CamellaOfficial on Instagram. Better yet, visit Camella Gran Europa today, and explore the many investment opportunities available to you in this masterplanned community only in the City of Golden Friendship.