Safety tips for the holidays

The memorable and joyful reunions, parties, and other gatherings surely give us a reason to be our best and be prepared for the incoming holiday celebration. We have less than a week to go before Christmas, and more than having fun, keeping your family and homes safe should be a mandatory thing as well. The essence of the holiday spirit fades when unforeseen tragedy happens. Take some basic precautions to ensure your family remains safe and injury-free throughout the season. Keep the celebration merry and bright with these safety tips.

Avoid fire accidents

Unattended candles are one of the main causes of house fires during the Christmas season. Candles may seem like an elegant-looking décor, but they’re a potential fire hazard. Keep your decorative candles away from combustible objects and extinguish them after every use, more importantly before going to bed.

Furthermore, having to deal with melted candle wax can be a handful. So it’s always smart to avoid moving them around as hot candle wax can still cause burns and increase the chances of having accidents. But if you insist on having candles, place them in candleholders to keep them steady and away from your other belongings. It’s subtle yet stylish.

Inspect your lighting habitually

Depending on how you arrange them, Christmas lights can be a stunning addition to your home. They range from shimmery ropes of bulbs to figures like Santa Claus and his reindeers. Although lights are one of the most gorgeous décors, they can be dangerous when overdone and not properly checked. Refrain from overloading the electrical outlets. Check the lights from time to time for exposed wiring. Prevent them from getting wet, and most importantly, always replace old lights or damaged ones. You’ll never know but it can save you from bigger problems in the future. Always check for the ICC stickers to determine the safest and high-quality lights and decors. Wilcon offers excellent quality lights that are perfect for a safe decorating this holiday.

Check before reusing old decors

Filipinos are known to keep decors and saving them for the next occasion. While it’s true that using old decors will lessen the spending cost, make sure to check the quality of each item you’ll put up as some may be brittle and fragile and short-circuited. Don’t regret spending money on new decors if it means the safety of your family. Remember, safety first.

Don’t leave the kitchen unattended

Noche buena is one of the highlights of every Filipino Christmas holiday. The joy of bonding with the family and having a great meal while waiting for the 25th is what we all yearn for. So it would be a huge bummer if something bad happens to that special day.

Always keep an eye on the kitchen when cooking to avoid unnecessary accidents like spoiling your holiday meal or worse, burning the whole kitchen! Christmas or not, never leave the kitchen unguarded while cooking.

Secure your home

Holiday safety is a lot more than just preventing fires and accidents. Ensuring your family’s safety should be a top priority. Protect your homes with doors and locks that are nearly impossible to pick!

A great example is steel doors from P. Tech. It’s made to withstand heavy pressure and other exterior elements. Though it is commonly used for commercial buildings and bigger establishments, steel doors can also be used for residential. But what’s a sturdy door without a durable door lock? Direct hardware carries high-quality door locks and is crafted to last a long time ensuring your family’s safety and comfort.

Start and end the holiday season safe and happy with your loved ones! Just like how the former American government official Ezra Taft Benson said, “It’s better to prepare and prevent than it is to repair and repent.” Don’t wait until it’s too late to apply safety measures this holiday. Have a merry and safe Christmas!