A home with a view

The notion of living by the seashore has always appealed to those of us who have spent most of our lives in increasingly crowded and congested urban centers. For newlyweds and young families, it means living in a serene location far removed from the stresses and cares of city living, as well as a healthier environment where children can run around and play safely.

In the case of balikbayans and those contemplating a more tranquil lifestyle post-retirement, it doubles as both a well-deserved getaway as well as a considered investment. Whatever one needs, Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas offers the perfect solution: a place where genteel living is enhanced by the natural beauty of one’s surroundings.

The Pico de Loro Beach Club exudes warmth and hospitality as night settles in.

Its name taken from the Sanskrit words for “many things to see,” Hamilo Coast is a master-planned residential resort community developed and managed by Costa del Hamilo Inc., a subsidiary of SM Prime. Occupying a total of 5,900 hectares, the area boasts of a 13.5-kilometer coastline, an exquisite beach characterized by pristine white sands, and 13 natural coves that serve as both attractions and natural sanctuaries.

To the west, Hamilo Coast opens onto the blue waters of the West Philippine Sea; on its eastern side, it is surrounded by majestic mountains and lush forests. The area is also considered a marine and wildlife sanctuary, as three of its coves have been named.

More than just a paradisiacal wonderland, Hamilo Coast has served as relaxing and restorative getaway as well as a home for those wanting to get away from the urban sprawl since its first residential and resort developments in Pico de Loro Cove opened in 2007. Located in a verdant 40-hectare valley, Pico de Loro has become a destination of choice for many travelers, both local and foreign, thanks to its well-appointed accommodations, extensive range of activities, and magnificent scenery.

Characterized by white sand beaches, Hamilo Coast’s 1.5-km. coastline easily rivals that of Boracay and other paradisiacal islands.

Likewise, a number of people have opted to buy condominium units in the area to serve as either holiday homes or a personal sanctuary just a couple hours’ drive away from Manila. At present, Pico de Loro’s four original condominiums — Jacana, Myna, Carola, and Miranda — are all fully occupied but the newest development rising in the cove is expected to live up to its promise of luxurious living in the heart of nature.

Freia, a 9,000-sqm. development, is a three-step, mid-rise, low-density structure divided into a total of 223 units, including nine three-bedroom penthouses. Designed by renowned firms Broadway Malyan and GF & Partners, Freia’s overall architecture exudes modern elegance tempered by a clean tropical aesthetic.

Space is a prime consideration here as the two-bedroom units range in size from 67 to 154sqm, while penthouse units range from 221 to 154sqm. Potential homeowners can choose units with a view facing the Pico de Loro lagoon where all the action is, or a unit where one can wake up to the crashing waves of the sea, or one with a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains.

Currently rising, Freia at Hamilo Coast offers a refined take on luxurious beachfront living.

Regardless of what views they may have, residents will find their units furnished with picture windows and high-quality fixtures; they can also enjoy a number of exclusive amenities such as an expansive lawn, spacious gardens where one can relax or play, a function room, lounge, and private pool.

As the purchase of a unit at Freia comes with a membership at the Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club, residents and their guests can also enjoy a wider range of fun amenities.

In keeping with its developer’s thrust towards sustainability and ecological responsibility, Freia was also designed to make the most of Pico de Loro’s natural beauty while keeping its total carbon footprint to a minimum. Indeed, SM Prime and Costa del Hamilo have opted to build around several full-grown trees on the property as opposed to uprooting or cutting them down. Likewise, units have both natural ventilation and ambient lighting; the entire development also makes use of solar panels as an alternative energy source, and waste management is carried out safely and efficiently.

With the addition of Freia to its community, Pico de Loro — and by extension, the whole of the Hamilo Coast — continues to deliver on its promise of offering a truly relaxing escape in a place where man and nature can coexist in beautiful harmony.