DATEM lights up off-grid community in time for the holidays

Last Nov. 15, DATEM, one of the leading construction companies in the country, in partnership with Liter of Light, donated solar-powered lamps to Sitio Dayapa, a far-flung community in Tanay, Rizal, as part of their annual outreach activity.

“For this year, we wanted something that would make an impact for the long-term and in a positive way,” says Business Development Management Head Ar. Lesley Villanueva. We wanted to do something that would help [the community] function and be more effective in their homes and in their work.”

Pipe lights and house lights are distributed to the residents.

“I attended a seminar that had Illac Diaz as one of its speakers. In that seminar, he talked about Liter of Light, their objectives and partnerships with other companies. And we found that they were in line with one of our core values, which is malasakit,” she adds.

The significance of malasakit

Engr. Tumbocon leads the ceremonial turnover of solar lights to the community head.

Malasakit has no direct English translation, but DATEM defines it as showing compassion and respect towards their peers, colleagues, the nation, the environment, and the country.

“We are a very labor-intensive company and we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the strength and skills of our people and that’s where malasakit comes in. We need to show them compassion and we wanted to spread this value — not just to our partners, clients and suppliers, but to the communities around us, as well,” explains Villanueva.

DATEM team prepares the lights for distribution.

“When we partnered with Liter of Light, they suggested this community. And it is the far-flung communities that need our help the most.”

“This community is one hour away from the center but it lacks in one of the most basic necessities — light. So with this activity, we would like to share with the community the true meaning of malasakit in their daily life,” says DATEM Managing Director and Treasurer Engr. Lilit Tumbocon.

Street lights will now illuminate access roads leading to the homes of more than 60 families from Sitio Dayapa.

“Having lights now in their houses, in their community… it will create a major impact for them.”

Celebrating 35 years in the industry

This year is a special year for DATEM as they are celebrating their 35th anniversary. For 35 years, the company has grown to become one of the most trusted general contractors in the country, offering value-driven engineering services through the confluence of technical expertise, innovation, and technology. It has worked with some of the pivotal players in the country, building a portfolio that spans across many industries.

“[For our 35th anniversary, the] overall theme is sustainability and we wanted to carry that theme in all of our activities, and to show our clients and stakeholders that we are a company that gives importance to sustainability and cares for the environment,” says Villanueva.

Liter of Light conducts troubleshooting workshop to residents.

“We want people to know that we are a responsible company, that we are a responsible builder and that we contribute to nation-building,” states Tumbocon. “In the next 35 years, we will continue to provide responsible construction services.”

“We want people to know that DATEM cares. Not just about the [buildings] but also its effect on the neighboring community,” adds Villanueva.

Kids enjoy an afternoon of games and surprises.