Smart solutions for a smarter home

Living in a smart home is all about upgraded convenience, security, comfort, and efficiency. A smart home doesn’t have to be technically accessorized with gadgets. More often it only means that you need to pick the right solutions that can make your life at home better. Smart homes are intelligently customized according to a homeowners’ desire to reap the immense benefits of smart living. Various products can make your life better and in elevating your home to the next level, you need a trusted brand to help you with the transformation.

Häfele, a premier supplier of German furniture fittings and architectural hardware in the Philippines, offers bestselling items from bathroom accessories to door hardware, kitchen appliances, and cabinet fittings. Covering your home and building needs, all Häfele products are developed with quality and innovation in mind.

Here are some smart home solutions from Häfele for your home.

  • Functional door hardware. Doors serve as your first defense at home for safety and security but a door without the right hardware is simply a piece of wood.

Häfele gives you a wide offering of efficient hanging and operating hinged doors accessories and numerous choices for sliding door systems. Häfele’s range of sliding systems is divided into two broad categories: systems for architectural applications used for internal and external doors (wooden, glass or profiled doors), and systems for furniture applications used for cabinets, wardrobes and other such units.

Backed by an established and globally recognized quality-with-functionality proposition, Häfele offers you new and innovative trends in the form of its holistic range for door hardware and accessories.

  • Innovative furniture and cabinet fittings. Innovative, ergonomic, and convenient storage spaces can help you organize your home pieces and essentials for a clutter-free home. To achieve a smart way of arranging and keeping your things together, you need the right furniture and the right cabinet fittings. As for your kitchen, be it for bulky food items or cooking vessels or even the day-to-day essentials, Häfele offers storage solutions for your every stocking needs.

Häfele also has a complete line of innovative kitchen cabinet hardware and accessories. Choose from its wide variety of pull-out and storage solutions or base pull-outs for easy access from any side. Wall pull-outs fit between small cabinet spaces while metal racks provide valuable storage to upper cabinets. Häfele brings you its competent range of furniture and cabinet fittings that holistically meets the requirement of every home.

Around the globe, consumers from the furniture industry, dealers, cabinet makers, as well as architects, planners, and builders trust Häfele’s performance and expertise. The 96-year-old brand has been certified as per DIN EN ISO 9001, and continues to document its resource-conserving and environmentally conscious approach with certification as per ISO 14001.

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