Versace on the floor

Infusing a luxurious and elegant look to your space brings an element of uniqueness and exclusivity to your home. Luxury is all about adding attention to details like essential lines, a variety of texture, and classic finishes. Giving a breath of sophisticated charm and glamour to your space can increase the luxe vibe in your home.

Stunning high-end homes are carefully created and designed with the finest quality of interiors. When you want to impress all your guests, welcoming them with a boastful touch of luxury with your bold yet tasteful details of wall-to-floor tiles, there’s one brand that exudes luxury and royalty in its name — Versace Ceramics.

Indulge in Versace Ceramic’s opulent range of tiles that channels luxury and strikes a balance between classic and contemporary aesthetics perfect for your homes. These neutral palette tiles will give your home a look of sophistication and meticulous craftsmanship.

Versace Ceramics was founded by Gianni Versace in Milan in 1978. Gianni Versace is one of the most talented stylists of the 20th century, and his name is a synonym of Italian excellence throughout the world. In 1997, Gianni Versace worked on a collaborative venture between Gardenia Orchidea, a celebrated tile manufacturer. Since then, the partnership has generated more Versace tile collections.

Indulge in Versace Ceramic’s opulent tiles that channel luxury and strike a balance between classic and contemporary aesthetics.

Versace tiles will surely embellish your spaces with great eclectic fashion balance in any of your rooms. Produced using the latest technology, the finest raw materials, and timeless color combinations, here are some ways to get the luxe feeling in your home with Versace Ceramics tile collection:

Achieve a luxurious look with Versace Hermitage Tiles

Tiles can give your home an instant wow factor. When you want to achieve an extraordinary look for your space, Hermitage Versace tiles collection offers a lifestyle of luxury and elegance. With the combination of subtle echoing patterns and finer detail effect, it brings a sense of tranquility, passion, and style that enhances the romance in the designs of your home. Reveal the elegance and luxury in your home with Hermitage Tiles.

Create a sense of space with Versace Venere Tiles

Larger tiles help create a sense of space to your room. Versace Venere Tiles collection gives you a choice with its neutral color palette that can make your areas look bigger. Venus/Venere is the goddess of love and you will have no choice but to fall in love with this tile collection. Created beyond fashion and cutting-edge technology, Venere tiles collection is your perfect solution for a home where beauty must reign supreme. Give your home the luxury it deserves and make your home a real sanctuary.

Make a statement of stunning patterns with Versace Vanitas Tiles

Creating patterns can help you create a catchy statement look in your home. With Versace Vanitas tiles, you can make every living space unique and stylish. The Versace Vanitas tiles collection expresses sheer character and sophistication. Combined with a more traditional nature, Vanitas tiles collection introduces geometric cubed patterns and adds a style of intricate and recognizable patterns, which make this tile collection unmatched. Create a seamless look for your walls and floors with Vanitas tiles collection. Achieve complex yet bold patterns with this Versace tiles collection.

Consider using these splendid and stylish tiles on your walls and/or floors to add that luxurious factor to your home. Complete an all-around and fascinating timeless look for your homes the Versace style.

The fashion house, Versace, through its partnership with the Ceramiche Gardenia Orchidea Group, introduces its key decorative elements of the maison, such as the Medusa and the Greek fret patterns, which set the uniqueness and character in all of its tile collections. Recreate the grand atmosphere in your home and satisfy the senses of your guest by having these eye-catching Versace ceramic tiles as your home’s focal point.

Achieve a palatial space as Versace Ceramics offers the most confident blend of styles between contemporary and classic influences. So, if you want to experience living life like royalty, make your room a perfect spotlight and add an instant feeling of luxury with Versace Ceramics.

Visit Versace Ceramics showroom located at Wilcon Depot IT Hub and indulge yourself with its variety of designs that will complement your refined taste.