Orama Minimal Frames now available in Manila

A clear, unimpeded view of the world outside is something that many homeowners want, regardless if they live in single detached houses or units in a high-rise residential development: one that isn’t hampered by clunky window frames or barriers. That said, it is timely that Orama has entered the Philippine construction market. The brand was officially introduced during an event hosted by Focus Global Inc. on Oct. 2.

Its name taken from the Greek word for “vision,” Orama Minimal Frames is a company that was first established in Greece in 2013. According to Thomas Flamant, Orama export accounts manager for Asia, “We are a relatively new company, but the people behind it have a combined total of 40 years of experience when it comes to aluminum systems and solutions for application with windows and doors.” Indeed, Orama has a dedicated product development team as well as its own manufacturing facilities.

The brand has been all about creating the right window or doorframe solution for any architectural requirement. However, rather than the more traditional way of using heavy frames for windows and doors, Orama advocates a minimalist aesthetic bolstered by strength and durability.

“With a conventional window system, the glass is sectioned by an aluminum frame,” Flamant explains. “Traditionally, because these frames have to be strong [enough to withstand the elements], these frames were built large and thick. This limits the amount of light that comes from outside. What Orama has done is to eliminate everything that blocks the view.”

Stephen Sy, Focus Global Inc. president, and Thomas Flamant, export account manager for Orama

There are currently four primary systems available from the brand: its classic One minimal window system; its virtually invisible Zero; the Axis pivoting frame; and the Porta frameless door. All are designed to be smooth sliding with advanced drainage systems and adjustable bases. Orama window and doorframes can have as little as a 24mm. visible vertical surface and as much as 30mm. for tall windows. Despite such thinness, Orama frames are surprisingly durable and are able to carry weights of up to 1,000kg. These can also withstand wind speeds of up to 360kph – a prime consideration in the Philippines where raging typhoon gales can wreak havoc on windows and doors.

As a result, Orama has gained a following in 24 countries in four continents. It has also gone beyond home construction, making its way into large-scale construction projects such as The Royal Atlantis in Dubai and the Colosseum Luxury Apartments in Rome.

For Stephen Sy, president of Focus Global Inc., which is the exclusive Philippine distributor for Orama, it was the quality of the brand’s products that grabbed his attention. “The technological innovations and high-quality craftsmanship they’ve made to perfect their products is something that we appreciate and admire,” he says of the brand. “Orama’s state-of-the-art minimal frames complement our portfolio of premium global products for homes and projects.”

It’s a sentiment that Flamant agrees with. “We are excited to be in the Philippines where we believe we have a huge, untapped market — architects, developers and homeowners with discerning tastes and those who want only the best — and that is Orama. Focus Global is a perfect fit for our company. We acknowledge how focused and passionate they are in what they do, to bring world-renowned brands to the Philippines and market them successfully.”