A safe way to get rid of harmful insects at home

There’s a big need to protect your home and stop these insects from invading your home. Your home should be a place where your family can come together to spend joyous moments. Nowadays, it is a challenge to ensure that your home is a happy and safe environment because of the fast-rising number of health cases related to household disease-carrying insects.

It may seem hard and you need to go a long way towards keeping these insects and pests out, you must make every effort making sure that your home is well protected. In fact, pests such as flies, cockroaches, and especially mosquitoes are unsanitary and a threat to you and your family’s health.

Last August, the Department of Health (DOH) declared a national dengue epidemic or dengue outbreak. According to the DOH, more than 180,000 dengue cases were documented from January to August, which was more than double the number of cases recorded during the same period last year.

While the government has been putting up campaigns to kill these dengue-carrying mosquitoes, and other deadly pests in the community, there are other ways to help protect your family. General cleaning and getting rid of areas where they propagate are good short-term fixes, but these may not be enough. As homeowners, you must be vigilant when you see stagnant water in your home and you need to immediately remove it. Preventing these insects from pestering you and your loved ones can start from the comfort of your home.

Fortunately, now there are other interesting options homeowners can consider. With the emerging technologies, there’s a new way on how to deal with disease-carrying household insects like flies, cockroaches, and mosquitoes that is already on the market.

With the new Boysen Bug Off, an anti-insect water-based paint, you can add another level of protection to your home and sleep better at night. You can paint it on ceilings, walls, and baseboards. Once the paint dries and the insect lands on a Bug Off painted surface, the microscopic anti-insecticidal crystals enter the insect’s legs, reducing its ability to remain on walls, and attack its nervous system and kill the insect after a while.

Lab tests conducted by the Crop Protection Cluster of the College of Agriculture at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) showed compelling results. It was proven that Bug Off is effective against insect pests like American cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes when they were enclosed in a Bug Off painted surface panel for 24 hours. It’s ideal to use this anti-insect paint on bigger and wider surfaces where insects usually rest or crawl through.

This revolutionary paint does not give off unpleasant odors and works long term — as the active ingredient is embedded in the paint film — making it effective against harmful insects for at least three years after application. Bug Off painted panels from the initial test was used by the same UPLB testing body in subsequent bio-efficacy tests years after and yielded the same positive results.

Another salient feature of this paint is that it’s safe for humans but fatal to insects. It followed proper DOH-Food and Drug Administration (FDA) procedures and is approved by the agency. It is lead-safe and mercury-free with a level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that is below US and European VOC limits for water-based paint. It has also been certified as an “Environmentally Preferred Coating” under the Singapore Green Label program.

With the company’s unchanging vision to serve the Filipino family for over 66 years now, Bug Off is the newest addition to the paint market leader’s growing list of innovative paint products with other benefits than just protecting homes and buildings.

In an interview, Boysen vice president Johnson Ongking says, “Our products, such as Bug Off, further illustrate our steadfast commitment to Filipinos to continuously innovate and offer paints that help protect our home and environment.”

Painting your walls with anti-insect paints can be more cost-efficient in protecting your homes and family. Boysen Bug Off is available in selected Wilcon Depot branches in Metro Manila.