Hijo Central launched today

The Philippines’ first P3 City (people, place and planet) takes off.


Hijo Central has adopted a philosophy of “People First” in the development of Asia’s first P3 City. It will be a livable, walkable and breathable city for current and future generations of its residents, investors, customers and partners.

Having started as a banana plantation in the late ‘60s, uplifting the lives of the farmers has become the cornerstone of the people-driven development of Hijo Central. These farmers now comprise an integral part of Hijo’s winning enterprises of today in agribusiness, property development, leisure and tourism, superfoods and logistics and port in accordance with the FELICE (Food, Education, Livelihood, Identity, Clothing/Cottage and Equity) principles.

Now and in the future, Hijo Central will continue to advocate its support of the farmers, the communities around Hijo and the Indigenous People that comprise part of our ecosystem. Advances in productivity and performance of our farms are made as we embrace the latest digital agricultural technology from Israel and other countries which will bring about a 21st century workforce that is digital ready.

Today, as we launch Hijo Central, we take an irreversible and sustainable quantum leap in advancing transformation “with no one left behind.”


Hijo Central is a special place “where the sky, sea and the rivers meet.” The development has views of the Compostela Valley mountain ranges on the left, the Davao Gulf on the foreground and the three rivers of Hijo, Madaum and Liboganon crisscrossing the 1,054-hectare property with Hijo Central occupying 108 hectares.

At the center is the mixed-use commercial and residential district called Hijo Central. With lots of green spaces, there will be locator companies, a university, IT hubs, plantation villas and Mindanao headquarters of companies. It will be bisected by a four-lane boulevard with bike lanes and walking trails that leads to the WREC (Weddings, Recreation and Events Center) that has breath taking views of Davao Gulf and the mouth of the Madaum River. At the left is the Plantation House, an American plantation heritage structure. Banana Beach is on the right adjacent to the forest with a dense tree canopy and home to wild pigs, monkeys and other fauna and flora.

Directly in front of Hijo Central along the national road is the partnership with Tagum City on the future multi modal transport terminal. An existing port facing the Davao Gulf, in partnership with International Container Terminal Services Incorporated (ICTSI) and adjacent to the Hijo Industrial Estates, is an integral part of the overall development. The Mindanao Railway, with Tagum City as its start point in its Phase 1, is envisioned to have a spur line into Hijo Central. The center of gravity of Tagum will move to Madaum with its proposed International Airport and Stadium. The existing Hijo Airstrip will be repurposed for Leisure and Tourism air travel.

As a key node in the Metro Davao — with Davao City an hour away with direct flights to Singapore, Hong Kong and Xiamen — Hijo Central is your gateway to ASEAN and Asia.

It’s not only a magical space… Hijo is open for business as well.


Preservation of the environment is a key hallmark of Hijo Central — restoring the ecology and promoting biodiversity through sustainable practices with 49 percent of Hijo Central devoted to non-saleable green space.

Planning and development is premised on having the lowest carbon footprint as possible. A major part of Hijo Central will be a walking, no-vehicle zone. Bike lanes are available and the entire district is lush with vegetation. Local trees endemic to the area such as the Palawan Cherry with its Sakura like blossoms will abound.

Our development is home to the Trinity project, a multi-year effort designed to restore coral reefs in the Davao Gulf and the mangroves in our different rivers.

Power needs of our locators and partners will be enhanced with a soon to be built solar farm, in partnership with a renewable energy provider.

The Hijo River, after which the company is named, inside the development has been adopted by Hijo Central developers, thereby, ensuring that the river will remain protected for current and future generations.

The Hijo Story: Proud Heritage, Bright Future

Hijo partners, investors and customers are part of Hijo’s proud heritage and bright future.

Starting as a plantation in 1969, it has now reached the status of a master-planned development that has Hijo Central at the core; and the Industrial Estates, the Port, the Plantation Villas, Los Rayos, Banana Beach, the WREC, the Plantation House, the Forest, the Trinity Project and the Banana plantation areas as “must see” places.

But the best is yet to come. The future will be replete with game-changing developments and experiences that will ensure that all our stakeholders are fulfilled and satisfied. Hijo has gone a long way.

From Plantation To Nation

Hijo Central’s total area of property is 1,054 hectares with a central area of 132 hectares. It has three rivers in its property and its bouvelards are four lanes. It has three hectares of multimodal transport terminal and is keeping 49 percent of non-saleable green space in Hijo Central. Hijo Central is 56 km. from Davao City.