Sun Valley Estates: Antipolo’s greenest subdivision

For many residents of Metro Manila, the normal everyday life means congested major roads and streets, a thick layer of pollution and smog, lack of privacy due to close proximity with the neighbors, and lack of space for greenery or even to stretch. This is because Metro Manila has become too crowded and many developments have resorted to building vertical properties to meet housing demands set by the growing BPO and call center employees who wish to live near their offices, or by foreign investors who hope to live in areas that are at the center of everything.

For the residents of Sun Valley Estates, a different normal exists — that of relative peace and quiet. Though they live only a few minutes from major cities surrounding the subdivision, they are able to enjoy the beauty that Mother Nature offers. This is because Sun Valley Estates is unlike any other residential subdivision. It provides an escape from the daily grind — away from the traffic and pollution, away from the stress and demands of urban life. At Sun Valley, residents experience the best of nature — fresh, cool breezes; green spaces; mountains and hills to explore; lakes to visit; and more.

Residential subdivision with a golf course

Sun Valley Estates is a 100-hectare residential subdivision that primarily focuses on developing horizontal projects such as one- and two-level standalone houses. Most of these houses have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a powder room, a servant’s quarters, and a garage that can accommodate two to three vehicles.

“Our target market, normally, are families who are end users. We cater to those who want to settle down and enjoy living with nature,” says Evelyn Roxas, head of marketing for Sun Valley Estates.

The company started 20 years ago with the vision of catering to middle-class families, but as the company grew, that vision now includes catering to the balikbayan and OFWs who wanted a different deal, something unique. Set against the backdrop of the Sierra Madres and the Antipolo hills, Sun Valley Estates follows the natural curves of the terrain, and builds on these advantages, rather than move the earth to follow a pre-set man-made design. This decision to build on existing land now provides spectacular views of scenic woodlands, natural water features, and dramatic sunsets.

“If you look at Sun Valley, you will see that it is unlike any other subdivision; here, you can still see and experience nature,” says Roxas. “When you come to Sun Valley, you will fall in love with it.”

The jewel of Sun Valley Estates is its 20-hole golf course. It was designed by the world-renowned Arnold Palmer Course Design Company.

“Our golf course is our signature. However, it is a separate entity from the subdivision. It does not mean that if you buy a house from us, that you automatically become a member of the golf club,” Roxas explains. Yet, it is part of life at Sun Valley. Residents can choose to live beside selected golf holes and fairways, and view manicured greens from their backyard. And enjoy the voices of a variety of songbirds in the many mature trees that dot the golf course landscape.

Flood-free residential area

The Philippines is prone to typhoons, flooding, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. Years ago, Metro Manila suffered one of the worst typhoons to ever hit the area Typhoon Ondoy or Ketsana. The devastation, in many parts of Metro Manila was severe, damages were estimated in billions of pesos. Yet, homes at Sun Valley were spared from the extreme flooding that was experienced by some of its neighbors.

“When Ondoy happened, Sun Valley was not as badly affected. Because of this, many buyers who lived in other subdivisions moved here,” shares Evelyn.

Numerous amenities and one- of-a-kind features

Scattered in the 100-hectare development are numerous amenities, including four clubhouses; a sports plaza; a lagoon for fishing; swimming pools; a waterfall; tennis, basketball and badminton courts; and pavilions, to name a few.

The clubhouses can be used for family gatherings and social functions, while the outdoor amenities like swimming pools and basketball courts promote physical activity and an active lifestyle.

A venue called The Pavilion is located at Phase 4A of Sun Valley, near the jogging path. It has a swimming pool for adults and children, a function room, lounge, dining area and an open area for parties and events.

Reservations and fees to use the amenities may be arranged directly at the specific clubhouses which operate the facilities.

Modern Conveniences

Moving around the Sun Valley community is as relaxing as just simply being there. Concrete roads are 12 to 16 meters wide, and you can drive down the gently rolling terrain with no fear of traffic build-up. Paved sidewalks allow a leisurely walk or run around the community. Streetlights and roaming security guards help secure the subdivision both night and day.

“When it comes to our developments, we do not compete with the big players, because unlike the others, we build first before we sell. That’s why when we sell our properties, we are already complete with features like these,” Roxas says.

“Our customers are very happy with our developments. Our buyers trust us because we deliver.”