Seven reasons to build the life you want in Quezon City

Not all cities are the same. While Metro Manila is unanimously touted as one of the most progressive urban areas in the Philippines, each of its cities and municipalities has distinct characteristics.

Quezon City in particular rivals its counterparts as one of the aspirational destinations for home buyers. It was envisioned by the late President Manuel L. Quezon to serve as the new frontier for the emerging middle-class Filipinos. Different types of homebuyers will find many reasons to love this city:

1. A place to build a career and business for upwardly mobile individuals. When President Quezon commissioned a team of planning experts to develop the town that would eventually bear his name, he had the interest of the masses and working class as top priority. The city then became a commercial, industrial and business hub north of the metropolis, and consistently enjoys economic growth almost a century after it was formed.

2. A place to raise a family for newly-wed couples. There is a long list of reasons why QC is still the ideal address for families. First of all, many properties for sale here are more affordable compared to its peer cities. There is also an existing balance between nature and industrial areas. An abundance of public parks and ecological gardens provide newlywed couples and startup families with opportunities to commune and benefit from the rejuvenating effects of green sceneries. This city is also home to some of the country’s top-tier educational institutions like University of the Philippines – Diliman and Ateneo de Manila University.

3. A place to enjoy work-life balance for everyone in the family. Because of the bustling economic activity within the city, there are lots of chances to acquire a job near one’s home. A new mass transportation line, the MRT-7, is in the pipeline and it is expected to run from North EDSA to San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

4. A place to retire and take pride in the fruits of your labor. Quezon City affords a great option for expats and Overseas Foreign Worker (OFW) retirees who are exploring places to settle in their twilight years. They can take pride in owning a piece of progressive locale with endless choices for recreation, including culinary meccas and walkable neighborhoods.

5. A place to earn passive income for property investors. Quezon City is cited as one of the fastest growing property districts in the country. For three consecutive years since 2016, it tops the Most Competitive Philippine City, recognized by the National Competitiveness Council. Real estate value is expected to steadily appreciate in the next decade or so making it ideal for investors looking to set up their property as income-generating assets.

6. A place to nurture the next generation in the family. With its selection of spacious neighborhoods and vertical communities, those who grew up in this city would, understandably, raise their own families here. Meanwhile, millennials who become thriving professionals will most likely to purchase a halfway home to their parents’ house and workplace, as a sign of independence while still keeping in touch with their loved ones.

7. A place to experience a dynamic lifestyle. The remarkable spirit of Quezon City can be best described as a seamless fusion of the old and new, the traditional and modern. High-rise contemporary residences and office buildings are strikingly juxtaposed against post war mansions.

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