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When seeking for an added protection for your homes, wall claddings have become a popular option for more homeowners nowadays. Wall cladding refers to covering a wall using another material serving numerous purposes. For some, paint is not enough protection for their exteriors. Walls are now seen as the focal point of any structure, here are various benefits why wall cladding could be an exceptional choice to upgrade your homes.

Provides protection and improves durability

Wall cladding provides an additional layer of protection for your home from sunlight, rain, and wind. By adapting to any weather condition, installing a wall cladding can surely prevent damage and deterioration. Because of this wall stack, it reduces the amount of water or chemical that is absorbed thus improving the durability of your home. Wall cladding also protects the home from fire.

Adds a decorative look and enhances the aesthetic appeal

Wall cladding helps in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. With the fitting of wall claddings, you can achieve a classic and realistic look for the exterior of your homes. Wall cladding will also add an artistic element in your home’s interior or exterior decorating by using cladding materials like wood, metal, stones, and composite supplies.

Gives low maintenance and cost-efficient advantages

Wall-cladding materials are easier to repair, replace, and clean. For maintenance, it only requires an occasional wash with soap and water to remove dust and dirt. And because wall claddings are non-structural, these will not affect the stability of your home’s structure. For some cases, wall cladding will help you save cost from your electricity bill with its thermal and sound insulation advantage.

Considering some of these benefits, modern homes now are finished with exterior walls in shaping the overall appearance of your home.

As the market offers many choices and options for your exterior walls, fortunately, there’s a top choice you can trust when it comes to wall cladding. For homeowners and builders, GT Stoneworks, the premier producers of manufactured stone wall cladding, is a perfect partner for outdoor and hardscaping projects. It offers up to 70 distinct profiles in a variety of texture and designs with over 500 color combinations.

Giving more homeowners alternative finishes aside from manufactured claddings for walls, it also offers natural stone panels, granite wall cladding, 3D wall cladding, claystone and Nichiha design panels from Japan.

Granite wall cladding replicates the texture and multicolored finish of unpolished granite onto the profiles of the wall cladding while granite wall coating allows the various substrate to such as concrete, wood, and gypsum to have a replicated granite finish that is installed on-site.

Nichiha design panels have textures and are pre-colored and are ready to install on-site using a clip system. All panels have distinct modern, traditional, or contemporary designs and come in a variety of colors made possible through advanced computer printing technology.

For floorings, it also gives plenty of choices such as decorative concrete stamping, paving blocks system, concrete polishing system, and artificial grass. Each product line allows the homeowners to be more flexible in their finishing instead of the usual ceramic tiles found in many homes.

The polished concrete series has been quite popular in many European and American floors because it eliminates the need for tiles or other panels. Through a densification process, the concrete floors produced a polished, dust-free, and hardened finish that requires minimal care and cleaning.

Remaining the top choice of more builders and homeowners, GT Stoneworks continuously addresses the changing needs of its customers through integrating innovation and adaptability in the industry.

Celebrating its 15th year in the construction finishing industry, GT Stoneworks has expanded to innovative product lines that offer floor and wall finishes for the outdoors and the hardscaping industry. 

Making its new and innovative designs and products accessible to its customers all over the Philippines, GT Stoneworks relies on its retail outlet partners. GT Stoneworks products are available at Wilcon Depot stores nationwide.