From resorts to residences: BE Residences ushers the good life

Shaped by the vibrant hospitality industry in Visayas, two iconic destinations have proven its status as the absolute gold standard in tourism – BE Grand Resort, Bohol and BE Resort Mactan. BE Grand Resort, Bohol is a charming enclave on the idyllic Panglao island: home to exquisite villas, cozy rooms, meandering pools, exciting restaurants and bars. Meanwhile, BE Resort Mactan is a seaside haven at the edge of the Visayan sea that offers an exquisite and unforgetable glimpse into the beauty of Mactan, a haven for millenials who flock the IG-worthy island.

Hardworking and forward-looking, the group has confidently expanded into the enterprise and industry in Cebu and the Visayas as a whole, powered by a strong presence in the international hospitality industry, thanks to the string of multi-awarded international success meticulously sustained for over a decade.

Be Central. BE RESIDENCES creates global-quality homes in preferred locations

For over a decade now, these two prized gems of BE Hotels and Resorts Group have attracted growing positive attention. BE Grand Resort, Bohol has garnered a number of recognitions and global awards. Meanwhile, BE Resort Mactan has gained a strong millennial following. Building on this success, the group is on the verge of establishing its own foothold in another equally challenging landscape – the real estate industry.

From the sea to the heart of the city

From its steadfast roots in tourism, BE Hotels and Resorts Group assertively ventures into developing vertical developments at the heart of Cebu City.

In early 2018, the vibrant property industry bore witness to the successful unveiling of Mabuhay Tower, a 17-storey modern office building in the middle of the Cebu I.T. Park. The Mabuhay Tower is the group’s first glass-and-steel skyscraper that was successfully built, managed and envisioned to be the trailblazing flagship project heralding the group’s official arrival into the progressive Metro Cebu skyline. Like its namesake, the tower attracted favorable corporate headwinds and reached one-hundred-percent full occupancy, all in just the first year of existence.

A second office building, the 18-story Mabuhay Tower in CBP, is being fast-tracked for completion and is eager to welcome BPOs and corporate tenants by 2020. The planned foray into residential and mixed use condominiums is of course gaining forward momentum.

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BE Residences, the vibrant real estate arm of the group, is perpetually tied to Cebu’s rich history, proven longevity and growth potential. 

BE Residences: Modern homes for the Cebuano

Believing that land is a limited resource that is best used in uplifting lives, the group counts on its hospitality and design expertise to create residential spaces intended to bring fresh, extraordinary, and global solutions through BE Residences.

BE Residences fully utilizes its unparalleled experience in combining innovative blueprints, class-leading architecture, and premium materials to create world-class residential communities that are modern, chic and future-proofed with state-of-the-art tech, resort-inspired amenities and thriving living spaces.

Beyond building structures, BE Residences dreams of creating homes where the modern Cebuano can aspire an enriching environment where the future is shaped by the dreams of today; where the family is protected and comfortably nurtured. Choose a smart home for the future, today. Never settle for anything less; you deserve the good life.

For inquiries, visit or call at (0915) 283-088.

BE Residences, where you want to be. BE RESIDENCES will soon launch its initial condominium offering located right next to the bustling Cebu IT Park