What makes a house a home?

Home is where the heart is” is a famous quotation we hear whenever we talk about “home” or “family life.” This is true to pretty much every Filipino household, regardless of their economic bracket. The Filipino home is described to be cohesive, resilient and warm. Adding to this is the homey feeling brought about by conversations during dinnertime over home-cooked meals, engagement in entertainment, and coming to a beautiful and comfortable home.

There are several features that make a beautiful and comfortable home. The effect is you feel warm on the inside and feel like hugging everyone at home with your gladness. Peace and quiet, serenity at home, and an overall joyous feeling affect our hearts and are the foundation of wonderful home life.

The other way to have a beautiful home is to have a beautiful house. Your senses are influenced by the wonderful things such as clean rooms, beautiful colors, and your items are according to purpose and plan. Your home is a little corner to call your own filled with your personal connection and sentimental collections.

Your outlook is gained through your perception, or in this case, a positive outlook is gained through a good perception coming from beautiful things or the beautiful and practical materials that surround you.

Being in the home improvement/construction industry for so long has allowed me to see different things — unity in color and unity in the purpose of things and the like. Such unity achieved by our senses affects our inner feeling — and perception of life, which is why having a home that is wonderfully made and beautifully crafted adds happiness to us as humans.

With my “Rose to the Occasion” column, I want to express myself in a personal sense. I want to use my years of experience in this industry and at Wilcon Depot where I have worked for over three decades. Who says building and construction are for men only? I consider myself as the rose among the thorns of this quite challenging industry run by men — but it is a very rewarding experience.

Going the extra mile, I confidently managed my profession and was able to help Wilcon Depot’s trailblazing moves which revolutionized the Philippine business and economy. I hope women, daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, and kumares will be inspired to be their own awesome self in their relationship with their families, friends, colleagues, and society.

As we get inspiration to make our homes reflect us in a way that only we can do — whether you prefer classic, gold as baroque, colorful as contemporary, basic as black and white or adhering to the Marie Kondo minimalist style — your home will always be you. Take into consideration the theme, how you want your house to look, and the budget. The source and the availability of the supplies are also vital.

Home finishing and home improvement reflect your individuality but it requires a thoughtful reflection about how you want to live and what matters to you. You can decorate your home from floor to ceiling and make it your sanctuary and refuge from the world. As important as the design is the perfect hardware for each fitting.

As a haven of rest, home is where our banks of memories are filled, a place of love and commitment. You are the one who’s responsible to create your best spaces, where you want to celebrate the simplest and the grandest moments of your life.

For some, being on their favorite sofa, or staring at framed pictures of family and friends, or even just watching movies, or hearing their pets’ noise — all these enrich their home life. Whatever it is, it boils down to a feeling of happiness — of being “at home.”