Radiate light and energy into your home with Living Coral

Living Coral, the Color of the Year, is a mix of pink and orange, and has been described by Pantone as “an animated, life-affirming shade of orange, with golden undertones.” With its bright and energetic shade, it perfectly matches with neutral and pastel colors, offering a contrasting look in your home décor.

Walls are essential to a person’s home décor. They are the base of the palette. Change your living room and bedroom walls into a coral color with paintings and furniture of a neutral shade for an even more welcoming room. This can be changed through painting, covered with fabric, or sticking wallpapers onto your walls. Hanging paintings and canvases can ass texture to your walls, creating a vibrant tone for your living room. This would be great help for those who wise to have eye-catching and trendy walls. This would surely raise your vintage room into another level.

White tiles and black highlights create a bold appearance on your décor, which can make a small bathroom feel homey. If you like your room to give out a laid-back vibe with a little touch of Eastern influence, the best fit would be a simple coral print statement to match it with. Carpets and vases with gypsy inscriptions suit them best. In addition, having coral botanical print wallpaper is a great way to refresh your breakfast nook and make your humble abode warm and inviting to guests. Combined with a little sunlight to illuminate the room, this will give out a refreshing and light warm ambiance.

The best way to match your desired furniture with the Color of the Year is to buy or make some furniture. Repainting old furniture with living coral or changing the padding with coral fabric would do the job. Purchase a deluxe coral velvet sofa, dining chairs, or couches in coral. These items would surely spice up your interior and improve you room’s design. White walls, matching pink painting, and coral-colored padded couches would do the trick in having a colourful touch to a room. Use a bold coral velvet sofa as the centerpiece of your living room given that the color and texture stands out. Deluxe velvet sofas also match very well with muted grey space: carpets, curtains and walls.

A storage unit, painted with a light coral shade, matches well with neutral-colored walls and white sheets, pillows and cushions in a bedroom. An upholstered coral-colored chair is a great addition to your personal space and reading library. It stands out with floral curtains and pillow cases. For a girl’s nursery, a coral whimsy chair with floral print and botanical accessories is a cute and well-known touch. In addition, it is best to have your study desk painted with a living coral shade to make it look bolder and refreshing. Coral and neutral chairs, along with yellow stools, will make your kitchen look catchy.

In a bedroom containing white walls, bright bedding set with coral and lots of different prints with matching pillows and rugs would surely cheer up the space. With a change of curtains in your personal study or living room, coral curtains would make the space brighter and trendier. Coral throw pillows and curtains add a colorful touch to your bedroom as long as it matches with white bed sheets and carpets of its own. If you would want it different, it is best to select neutral bedding and coral accents to fit in a trendy color for your bedroom.

There are many different ways to spice up your home décor. Experimenting with different combinations would surely show your preferred taste. These are just mere examples that you can follow.




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