For a lovelier Metro Manila

For a lovelier Metro Manila, I suggest re-purposing the Intramuros Golf Course and the Veterans Memorial Golf Course into world class urban gardens and leisure parks, which would be accessible to all and not just for a privileged few, with minimal entrance fees for security and maintenance purposes.

The proposed Intramuros Garden and Leisure Park can be developed around most of our historical heritage site, the Walled City. It will be located just across the Manila City Hall and the National Museum. It will also be within walking distance from the LRT1 Central Station, Rizal Park and Luneta and of course from our premier international hotel The Manila Hotel.

The proposed Veterans Memorial Garden and Leisure Park, meanwhile, will be just across the Common Station of the LRT1 and MRT-3, plus the soon to be completed MRT-7 and the much-awaited Metro Manila Subway.

It will also be within walking distance from two prominent shopping centers, The SM North and the Trinoma Complex along North Edsa.

Having these world class gardens and leisure parks in our two primary urban centers, the City of Manila and Quezon City would be a refreshing way of welcoming tourists to the Philippines. For sure, it would be a lovelier Metro Manila.

* * *

Alex G. Serrano, an engineer who worked in Saudi, Oman, Libya, Qatar and Bahrain, is a Bicol-based Filipino with a passion for churning out ideas for a better Philippines.