Crown PVC Thermal roofing available in more stores

The move to start producing Crown PVC Thermal roofing was intended to provide a good alternative in the roofing market in the Philippines.

The Philippines has a tropical climate and is the third longest coastline country in the world.

Thus, PVC roofing is an ideal and better alternative that benefits housing and other structural roofing requirements.

Crown PVC thermal roofing is an all-weather cool roofing solution with more outstanding features like being heat deflective, UV Protected, brighter and cooler interiors, economical, has power-saving qualities and non-corrosive.

It also minimizes rainfall noise, has extra-width advantage, several color and availability options in commercial and transportable long-span lengths.

Crown PVC roofing has since been supplied to various types of roofing project requirements like housing, warehouses, livestock structures, renovations and replacement repairs. Its durability has been proven when installed projects remained intact and unaffected by devastating typhoons that have since hit the areas where these projects are located.

Robinsons Builders carry Crown PVC roofing in some of its outlets, mostly in Visayas.

“Engaging the support and cooperation of our trade partners has paved the way for more strategic stores displaying them for easy visibility and brand mileage,” Crown Asia Chemicals Corp. said.

“As we build a stronger presence for Crown roofing in the marketplace, the brand looks forward to matching it with increase in demand and sales for Crown PVC Thermal Roofing in the Philippines,” the company added.

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