Lighting without limits

In elevating your space, lighting is an important factor that should never be ignored. Without proper lighting, your home will look dull and uninviting. Incorporating good lighting into your home adds personality and creates the desired ambiance into any room.

Lighting nowadays has never been easier with one of today’s most energy-efficient lighting technology — light-emitting diode (LED). LED lights offer better quality than other types of lighting. They are more durable and can illuminate your home 90 percent more efficiently. With the rapid LED technology development, the market now offers a wide selection of products in lighting up your home the smart way.

As LED lighting technology provides products with unique designs, achieving good lighting in your home is now at hand. You can creatively set an ideal mood and layers and give life to your spaces by adding different lighting in your home.

Alphalux, a one-stop-shop lighting solutions brand that offers the market’s need for more energy-efficient and quality lighting products, will reveal the beauty of everything in your home from furniture, fittings, flooring and walls, ceilings, and even outdoors.

Ambient Lighting

As the main light source of your home, the purpose of ambient lighting is to diffuse a balanced level of light into your room. In this way, ambient lighting can brighten up and enhance the illumination of rooms.

Alphalux LED light products are made with the highest standards and superior qualities. Alphalux covers all your ambient lighting needs. Ceiling lamps, spotlights, desk lamps, and chandeliers are examples of ambient lighting. Alphalux also offers dimmable lights that can work with ordinary switches. Dimmable lights are perfect for creating mood lighting that is ideal for living spaces, bedrooms or dining areas. The mechanism of the dimmable light allows decreasing lumens according to the user’s settings. It is energy efficient and comes in 1.5, five, and nine watts. Another innovative feature of Alphalux is its line of color-changing bulbs that come in five, seven, and nine watts. Users can modify from daylight, cool white, and warm white using ordinary switches.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is incorporated in workspaces to help you perform and accomplish your daily tasks. Task lighting is more functional and six to 10 times brighter than the ambient lights especially in areas like in the kitchen, hallways, staircases, and garages. Ideally, these areas require proper lighting. Pendant lamps, recessed lights, and downlights are helpful for these areas. Desk lamps in the living room or bedroom could work well when you’re reading a book.

Alphalux LED lighting is your ideal partner for your task lighting needs. Its LED bulbs come in 3.5, five, seven, nine, 11, 13 and 15 watts. They provide a 200-degree beam angle for a wider reach and have 15,000 hours of life expectancy.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting draws the eyes to the features of your home like the walls and objects in the room. If you have a beautiful painting and you want to highlight the art, putting a spotlight and wall lamp could create a dramatic scheme and keep you focused on the wall paintings or any hanging wall frames.

If you want to properly illuminate your home, choose the best option in achieving the optimum lighting for your spaces. Alphalux products have a consistent Color Rendering Index (CRI) that reveals the color of an object compared to a natural light source.

Alphalux lighting solutions give value for money and energy-efficiency offering a two-year warranty on its bulbs and a one-year warranty for luminaires. Aside from bulbs and luminaires, Alphalux also offers downlights, panel lights, ceiling lamps, floodlights, filament bulbs, track lights, pendant lights, wall lamps, emergency lights, LED tubes, louver, rechargeable lanterns, and strip lights.

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