Redefining your shower experience

Whether cold or hot — most people take showers to keep themselves refreshed and clean. But during these cold days, spending more time in a hot shower can be a great and relaxing way to pamper oneself.

To achieve a warm, soothing bathtime at the end of a long and tiring day, your bathroom needs a better shower system. There are many benefits to taking a hot shower that enhance the quality of our lives, you just need to have the right instant water heater at home.

Soaking under a hot shower for a few minutes can serve as body therapy. It’s an easy way to relieve pain and cramps. A hot shower also reduces any muscle tension, leading your whole body feeling calm and relaxed.

But some homeowners are struggling with the traditional instant water heaters. Have you experienced repeatedly readjusting the water temperature every time you take a shower? What’s more is that you have to wait before you can get the warm water temperature that you desire.

So, if you’re experiencing these difficulties and thinking of replacing your old ones with a new water heater, Ariston water heaters are the perfect pick for you.

Ariston water heaters can redefine your shower experience with its constant temperature technology feature. Bearing the hallmarks of Italian design — stunning, slim, and safe — Ariston introduces three of its numerous water heater products: Aures Luxury, Aures Smart, and Aures Slim.

Aures Luxury

With Aures Luxury, you can set your preferred temperature manually or just by a simple touch. Having multiple pre-set functions, your family members will be able to customize their desired temperature for maximum shower pleasure. It comes with flow sensors that have the capability to measure inlet temperature and inlet flow load to adjust the heating element power.

In taking safety seriously, Ariston offers extra protection with the Smart Anti-Scalding system — wherein its sensors can keep the temperature unchanged during bath time and can prevent discharging water if the inlet temperature becomes higher than the setting.

Aures Smart

This high-quality water heater is engineered to provide a new level of comfort, ensuring a stable and consistent temperature throughout the shower. With its premium display panel and soft-touch buttons, Aures Smart elegantly exhibits useful information such as temperature, heating, and error information. More than just a water-heating product, Aures Smart water heaters are aesthetically stunning and can complement your modern and beautifully designed bathrooms.

Aures Slim

The new Ariston Aures Slim multipoint is the ideal solution for having hot water immediately ready right after you open the tap, sparing you from shivering in the shower. With its unique and stylish look, this compact, efficient, and elegant water heater is perfect for homeowners who want to be smart in space planning. Its slim and beautiful design speaks of the trademark elegance and premium Italian design. Aures Slim also prevents bacteria proliferation, assuring you a more hygienic shower experience.

Ariston offers the widest and most comprehensive range of water heaters. Ariston is constantly working by offering products with high technology, quality, and efficiency. As one of the leading water heater brands working to improve the quality of comfort, Ariston commits itself to provide high-quality products and innovation that bring an optimal combination of energy efficiency and respect for the environment.

Ariston will bring comfort to your home with its cutting-edge and superb solutions. Feel the warmth with Ariston water heaters, your perfect partner in achieving the ultimate shower experience. There’s never been a more pleasurable shower time than with Ariston water heaters.

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