The future of decorative high-pressure laminates

Interior decoration and designing requires appropriate preparation to make your homes classy and elegant. With the changing tastes and styles of various homeowners, the market offers an innovative and new trend in making your home interiors more beautiful by installing decorative laminates.

New to the interior designing industry are decorative high-pressure laminates (HPL). In bringing a modern look to your home interior, HPL is ideal to keep your interiors stylish, as well as, improve its longevity.

Recently, HPL has become very popular to interior designers and home enthusiasts in transforming visually beautiful home spaces. Here are some reasons why you should install HPL in your homes:


HPL is considered one of the most durable decorative materials available because of its resistance properties. It can withstand impacts, chemicals, moisture, cold, heat, and sunlight without suffering damage. Because of its heat and chemical resistant features, HPL is considered as an ideal use for kitchen, laboratories, and hospitals. Its resistant features ensure added safety and hygienic measures.

Having strong resisting features, HPL is perfect for wall panels, cabinets, kitchen countertops, shelves, tabletops, furniture, and even benches. It is an effective option to consider in improving the state of your interiors because it can result in a longer lifespan of up to 15 years.


HPL is also decorative and stylish. It comes with a variety of colors, designs, finishes, and patterns. You can even choose the shade color variation, patterns, and finish. There are also HPLs that give the look of wood or even marble and provide the same exceptional look and elegance.

If you are looking for something new and innovative, HPL is the better choice to achieve fancy and attractive interiors.


HPL is made from craft and melamine paper that comes from recycled wooden scraps. It does not just modernize and upgrade your homes; it can also give the feeling of being closer to nature. Since HPLs are sustainable, choosing materials that are made with lasting impact on the environment is a plus.

In my previous column entitled “Living green: Sustainability in houses and buildings,” I have discussed that there are many industrial and residential developments that conformed to sustainable building standards. Architectural innovation that integrates sustainability is now prevalent. It involves investing in building materials that are easily made from renewable materials, as well as designs that feature efficiency and embody minimized energy consumption from operations to maintenance.

High-pressure decorative laminates have become a favorite in enhancing the visual impact in homes, offices and other establishments. Mention “laminates” and the name Unica immediately comes to mind. Unica high-pressure laminates is the future of decorative material.

Whatever your aesthetic preference or budget, Unica high-pressure laminate can make your home come alive, with a comprehensive range of textures, colors, and choices for all your interior needs whether its for the kitchen, bathrooms, cabinets, wardrobes, or edgings.

From plywood and particle boards to decorative laminates, decorative veneers and flush doors, Unica has solutions that are guaranteed to suit your tastes.

Unica is one of the market’s most versatile materials for use in design applications. Unica has grown steadily to become a strong player in the laminate industry, providing a wide range of finishes for the picking. Always keeping up with the latest trends, since 1994, Unica offers the latest designs to suit your every need and style, whether it is a polished, sophisticated look you are gunning for or a casual, laid back feel you want. Fill in your interior with textures, colors, and prints for a lasting impression.