Are your smoke detectors up to code?

Honeywell recently introduced the Notifier addressable intelligent detectors for commercial and residential use. These next-generation detectors are designed to meet the new UL 268 7th-edition standards that will take effect in May 2020 and include the reduction of false alarms and to differentiate smoke characteristics between a fast-moving smoke and smoldering fires.

Building materials and home furnishings have changed significantly over time with more modern materials such as polyurethane foam. These are known to burn hotter and faster and this means that escape time for building occupants in the event of a fire hazard has gone from an average of 17 minutes to three-to-four minutes.

Honeywell Building Technologies products, software and solutions are found in more than 10 million buildings worldwide, helping customers ensure that their facilities are safe, energy-efficient, sustainable and productive,” said Jeff Estrella, president of Honeywell Philippines during the launch in Seda Hotel, BGC. He added “This next-generation smoke detectors are literally crafted to serve us well into the future.”

The Notifier 951 Series detectors have greater fire detection accuracy to provides building occupants enough time to evacuate safely in the event of a fire hazard. They can also help minimize false alarms and enhance the protection of people as well as property.

Honeywell is committed to bring this innovative line of detectors to the Philippines market well ahead of the enforcement of the new requirement, thus ensuring smooth business continuity for its users once the new code goes into effect.

With compliance to the additional tests in UL 268 7th edition, this next-generation line of detectors can differentiate between truly threatening fast-flaming or smoldering fires and false phenomena such as burning food or steam, making it ideal for protection of commercial office building, mixed-use development, residential, and more. In addition, the Notifier 951 can be retrofitted to existing Notifier systems without replacing control panels or software.

The Notifier 951 Series addressable intelligent detectors are designed for both performance and aesthetics — a new, contemporary design and advanced thermal and sensing technologies engineered to better represent smoke characteristics.


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