La Germania: Serving Filipino Families Past, Present and Future

Food is at the center of every Filipino home. From preparation to consumption, food has become a ritualistic tradition passed on from generation to generation. With a presence of almost half a century, La Germania has been a kitchen staple witnessing the essence of Filipino family life: cooking and celebrating with the ones you love.

To cook their families’ favorite dishes, Filipinos home cooks need the best kitchen tools. We look for pieces that bring back memories of lola’s cooking, but, at the same time, are updated with innovative technology and beautiful design. “Personally, the brand has been with me through everything—[from] when I first started in the kitchen to when I built my own restaurants. Now that I have kids of my own, La Germania is still the one I trust when it comes to cooking. La Germania has truly been there for me through most of my life,” brand ambassador Chef Rolando Laudico notes.

La Germania has built itself a reputation of durability and heritage, backed by generations of home cooks. Built to last a lifetime, La Germania products are designed to take whatever challenge life throws. Whether it’s for the young professional looking for an easy way to cook breakfast, a new mom trying to figure out her kids’ picky palates, or the kitchen maven whose idea of a home dinner consists of 5 courses, La Germania is with them every step of the way—proving itself to be the perfect kitchen partner.

Recent years have shown that homeowners’ tastes have more sophisticated, with the kitchen becoming more than just the center of every home—it has become a home’s centerpiece, to be proudly put on display. “Not only is Bertazzoni La Germania extremely reliable in the kitchen, but they were also designed with beauty in mind. Bertazzoni La Germania gives the perfect balance of aesthetic and reliability,” says Marilen Faustino-Montenegro, a Filipina interior decorator.


Last 24 July, Bertazzoni La Germania introduced itself to a new generation of home cooks. Guests and members of the media were treated to a cooking demonstration to show the true prowess of Bertazzoni La Germania’s induction hob. Held at the packed Single Origin Osteria, Chef Rolando Laudico surprised guests with a dish made especially for the occasion: four shrimp mustasa pasta—a nod to the brand’s Italian-Filipino partnership.

As a Bertazzoni La Germania is passed on to the younger generation, it carries with it a rich history and many family tales to tell. “We know how important the kitchen is to Filipinos and for Bertazzoni La Germania to be a part of every milestone is such an honor for us. We want to introduce the brand to the new generation and tell our stories so that they see that Bertazzoni La Germania is truly Made for Life—a lasting heirloom for many generations to come,” says Claudia Tagle, an executive for the brand.

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