Efficiency is everything

As a retailer, taking a considerable grit in growing our businesses is a must. While there are several business growth strategies, putting an extra effort in providing excellent customer service can give a real advantage over other businesses. Once a customer is satisfied with certain products and services we give them, they’ll have no reason to shop elsewhere.

According to a survey, customers would likely spend more on a product or service as long as they’ll get an excellent and efficient shopping experience. Customers will reward their loyalty to retailers who make an effort in improving their business.

Efficiency is everything in building a solid brand image and providing excellent customer service. In giving customers first-rate shopping experience, having the right tool is essential. Retailers find implementing a queue management system a great way to accelerate efficiency in their daily store operations.

A queue management system allows streamlining the customer journey and improving customer experience. This system will help you control customer flow and reduce actual wait time for your customers. Customers need only to look at the screen, their place in the queue, the number of people before them, and the service point they need to go to. Eyeing to enhance customer experience, here are more benefits a queuing system can help you in your business operations:

  • Retailers can offer better services because the service flow or the business operations process is more organized.
  • A more efficient business process will lead to quicker turnaround time. The system is automated so reports on the speed and efficiency of the service can be generated automatically.
  • With an organized operational process, confusion and unintentional mistakes will be avoided.

Recognizing these advantages, Globe Telecom, Philippine Airlines, Grab Taxi, Boysen, McDonald’s, PruLife UK, Herbalife, Okada Manila, and other known schools, banks, among others use QueueRite, a queuing solution to improve their services. QueueRite is a complete enterprise software system by Ivant Technologies for customer queue management system. Its software allows businesses to systematize the procedure for customers as they line up and wait for their turn to be served. By using the software, customer services at the reception area will become more efficient and convenient for the customers.

Aside from this, you can also use QueueRite to promote your brand or your new products and services through the multimedia functionality that it offers.

With QueueRite, the queuing process is faster than ever. Wilcon Depot, implements this kind of solution in leveraging the efficiency of our customer service. Through the software, the checkouts are more efficient and the customers’ waiting time is reduced. As a result, our customers can spend more time shopping and less time waiting.

Effective queuing system can revolutionize and improve your service level that will lead customers to leave your stores happy and can definitely build positive experience.