Beneficial impacts of using solar energy

Though coal power plant as our source of electricity makes up half of the country’s power generation mix, there’s an abundance of renewable energy sources in our country which include geothermal, hydropower, biomass, solar, and wind.

Since the Philippines is a tropical country, it comes as no surprise that solar power is a productive source of energy. Solar power is a more viable option compared to other sources of energy due to unlimited and freely available natural sunlight and heat.

Obtaining the sun’s radiation and converting it to electricity is taking advantage of what we have which other countries cannot maximize because of their changing climates. As long as the sun shines, we can harvest its power to generate electricity and it can surely sustain millions of Filipino households, commercial and public buildings.

Here are some advantages we can gain from using solar power in our homes or establishments:

Environmental Impact

Unlike other power sources such as gas and coal power plants that emit unhealthy substances and wastes into the environment, utilizing solar energy does not produce greenhouse gases and does not pollute the water. There’s no pollution in generating and converting electricity from the sun to the solar panels.

Economical Cost Advantage

Aside from its immediate impact on the environment, using solar energy would be a great opportunity to cut down your electrical cost. Though purchasing solar panels is costly, the amount of money you use buying the device will soon be covered by the savings in your electric bills. Switching to solar solutions is investing in an economical power resource. When you generate more solar energy that you need and consumed, you can earn credits for the surplus you export back to the grid.

Sustainability Factor

Solar panels are durable though they have a finite life span. The good news is that your solar solution investment can last for decades. You can maximize your investment with consistent maintenance from installation professionals and make your Solar PV System last for more than 20 years.

Whether you want to lower your electric bill or you want to help take care of the environment, then it’s time to jump into the cost-efficient and environment-friendly solar power resource.

Given some of the beneficial impact on investing in solar power energy, Wilcon Depot, the Philippines’ leading home improvement and construction supply retailer, has already integrated a great way to get into sustainable operating in their stores.

Taking advantage of nature’s most powerful and limitless energy resource — the sun — to convert its radiation to electricity, Wilcon Depot installed solar power systems in their stores supplementing the store’s daily energy usage.

Wilcon Depot stores located in Quirino Avenue, Balintawak, Fairview, Kawit, and Antipolo are already powered by solar energy. Wilcon believes that going solar is one of the easiest ways to adapt a sustainable business operation standard.

Recognizing that producing energy from the environment and making use of our rich renewable energy source can help to provide the electricity demand and consumption of its stores, more Wilcon Depot stores are planned to be installed with Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system. Within the year, 24 Wilcon Depot stores located at Bacolod; Jaro, Iloilo; Mandaue, Cebu; Cagayan De Oro; Matina, Davao, Panacan, Davao; Zamboanga, Baliuag, Bulacan; Batangas City; Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija; Laoag City, Ilocos Norte; Libis, Quezon City; Bacoor, Cavite; Quezon Avenue, Quezon City; Sta. Rosa, Laguna; Dasmariñas, Cavite; Valenzuela City; Calamba, Laguna; San Pablo, Laguna; Talisay, Cebu; Sucat, Parañaque; Tarlac City; Villasis, Pangasinan; and Mexico, Pampanga, respectively will be powered by solar energy.

The renewable energy revolution in the Philippines is underway. Acknowledging that our country has a strong potential in harnessing solar energy, many households and businesses can embrace the usage of solar and even other renewable power resources, and soon our country can undoubtedly achieve energy independence and security.