A modern classic bathroom collection

It is an exciting opportunity to be working in the retail construction industry as I easily get up-to-date trends in the market. At the 24th edition of Kitchen & Bath China (KBC) 2019, Asia’s most influential kitchen and bathroom trade fair, I saw the latest trends in built-in kitchens, kitchen furniture, sanitary equipment, valves and fittings staged at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in China.

Expectations were met during the four-day show as I discovered well-known and new brands’ products, technologies and solutions presented by over 5,000 exhibitors and market leaders.

The bathroom industry has its key trends to look out for. The home bathroom is rapidly changing from bare and old-fashioned to elegant and luxurious. It just makes sense to build and design our bathroom into a space we would love to enjoy spending a great deal of time in.

With all of the interesting design trends for the bathroom, American Standard has made a splash at the KBC 2019 by introducing the KASTELLO Collection, an epitome of timeless design and functionality. The collection pays homage to the classic design while integrating modern sensibilities and the latest in hygiene technologies, in line with its commitment to provide total bath solutions that enable everyone to live purposefully, beautifully and safely.

What makes this Kastello Bathroom Collection a perfect elegant chic accompaniment to any luxurious bathroom environment?

Looks like no other

The Kastello Collection flaunts beauty through symmetrical curves and angles. The bespoke design is not an add-on to the vista but is in fact, central to its functionality and comfort. The ergonomic lines of the faucet offer a graceful swerve, which tops off the entire design, firmly placing emphasis on performance and style.

Merging its signature elements, the Kastello Collection utilizes two distinct design features for its products. In imparting a more sophisticated appearance, Kastello displays a flexible element called line, used as a detail on the product to highlight functionality and increase its comfort. Showing off its second element—frame, which exhibits its stylish innovation, Kastello uses vertical or horizontal frame format-forever to shape consumer electronics.

Crafted like no other

Ensuring every fitting collection bridges aesthetics with functionality, the Kastello Bathroom Collection is engineered with technological and sustainable features that make it into a timeless design.

By integrating ergonomic designs and smart engineering, American Standard commits to redefine user’s experience in making our life easier and more exciting.

Kastello Collection has a Comfortmove feature, which comes with a ceramic cartridge in the faucet, guaranteeing a smooth and consistent control of the water flow, delivering precision in usage. The single lever faucet is also eco-friendly. The Ecostart feature releases cold water first to prevent the boiler from heating up, which results to 30 percent energy savings. Boasting the longevity of its shine, the Durashine feature adds an aesthetic pleasure to its user as a hallmark of design excellence.

Performs like no other

Kastello captivates its users with the best of hygiene technologies that provide the utmost convenience and peace of mind.

The exceptional system of Kastello one-piece toilet delivers twin torrents of water from two openings. Its flush technology performs like no other, as it is coupled with water being funneled away from the bottom of the bowl that generates a powerful pull action and effectively removes both heavy and light waste.

It also uses cutting-edge material on both seats and covers assuring its users of enhanced durability with excellent resistance to scratch, impact, and discoloration.

With Kastello Collection, safety and hygiene are never compromised. Its ComfortClean feature effectively kills E. coli bacteria and is engineered to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dark rings from forming on the ceramic surface, allowing the toilet to remain smooth and shiny like a brand-new piece for a lifetime.

American Standard has earned the trust of its customers by constantly delivering style, quality, and reliability to their bathrooms. Today, backed by more than 140 years of pioneering legacy, it continues to raise the bar in delivering dependable bathroom solutions that combine thoughtful designs and innovative technologies to create inviting bathroom sanctuaries offering ultimate comfort and performance to its customers.