Condura refrigerators stem from real Filipino inspirations

Refrigerators have raised the bar in the appliance category. While it may seem so straightforward, this kitchen staple has changed the way we live. Thanks to the revolutionary features constantly introduced, food storage is one less worry in this modern, fast-paced world.

Known for creating innovative refrigerators, Condura expands further into the No Frost refrigerator category as it unveiled five new models: ULTIMA (multi-door and side-by-side models), MAXIMA, OPTIMA, and PRIMA during the Condura COOLturang Tahanan at Manila House, BGC, Taguig on May 29.

Each of the five No Frost refrigerators caters to the specific needs each household may have while providing best value, top-grade efficiency and performance. All models are equipped with an Inverter Compressor, providing low noise, fast cooling energy efficiency, as well as an R600a Refrigerant that provides non-toxic and environment-friendly cooling performance with faster heat absorption compared to other refrigerants.

Geared towards offering solutions to the growing sophistication and complexity of the Filipino way of life and staying true to the importance of family and getting together, the No Frost refrigerator line serves to be a sleek and functional showpiece in any Filipino home. Chic and elegant in design, it harmonizes with its surroundings and elevates the atmosphere of both classic and modern kitchens. Equipped with state-of-the-art No Frost, inverter technology, and smart features, they ensure that food is kept fresh and odor-free while both the interior and exterior of the units are well-maintained for worry-free living.

As Condura opens a door to tomorrow, it does so with the intention of keeping on with the principles and values set by founder, Jose Concepcion, Sr., and carry out his vision for the Filipino people, innovating in the hopes that every Filipino may look ahead to a brighter, cooler future, made especially for them.

Real Filipino Inspirations

During the event Concepcion Durables, Inc. (CDI) vice chairman Renna Hechanova Angeles explained that the theme Condura COOLturang Tahanan means that Condura aspires to provide solutions that would help keep Filipino hospitality alive in every home, and that for Condura, the Filipino always comes first.

Host Suzi Abrera interviewed Chef Rob Pengson, who discussed his roots and influences, the Filipino practices and stories he draws inspiration from when coming up with new food offerings and concepts, challenges encountered as a chef and entrepreneur, as well as his considerations when it comes to refrigeration and food storage.

In a showcase of Real Condura Filipinnovation from Real Filipino Inspirations, CDI executives, namely CDI chairman Ton Concepcion and CLS president Harold Pernikar further discussed the Condura mission and explained what Real Condura Filipinnovation is: innovative solutions stemming from real Filipino inspirations, and that in every Condura product created, the needs of the Filipinos come to mind first and foremost.

CDI Chairman Ton Concepcion capped the session with a promise that their resolve as a company would remain strong as ever as they move into a new era, staying true to the Condura principles of creating life-enhancing, quality products with the Filipino family in mind.

Condura COOLturang Tahanan was hosted by Suzi Abrera and featured a panel comprised of Chef Rob Pengson and CDI executives, namely, CDI Chairman Ton Concepcion and Pernikar, Jr. Following the panel discussion and raffle draw, guests were invited into the COOLturang Tahanan Kitchen where they experienced the products and modern Filipino kitchen atmosphere at their leisure while enjoying halo-halo.