The digital restroom

Today, many people are recognizing the vital role that technology plays in our everyday lives and how it’s influencing our lifestyles. You can see that each home is filled with devices and appliances that are automated. As you’ve probably noticed in my previous columns, there are many technological brand solutions that are making our lives easier, safer, more convenient and organized.

As Filipinos meticulously observe hygiene and wellness, there’s a great demand for smarter and innovative sanitary ware that would address hygiene and comfort, it’s better to stay up-to-date with new emerging technologies particularly the advancement of sanitary ware solutions.

HCG, a global distributor and a leading bathroom solutions provider in the Philippines, recently sealed a partnership with IPEE, an Antwerp manufacturer of innovative sensor technology for the sanitary world.

As IPEE’s first strategic partner in carrying the same unwavering commitment to deliver quality and customer satisfaction, HCG’s collaboration with IPEE offers new opportunities for its business development. With the integration of this qualitative technology in its products, they can significantly revolutionize the future of sanitary technology.

The partnership between HCG and IPEE aims to bring not only the smartest but the most sustainable and value-adding system to Asian markets.

HCG and IPEE collaborate on the future of sanitary ware.

IPEE introduces an onboard technology that can be applied to sanitary ware such as urinals, toilets and washbins. IPEE’s expertise combined with state-of-the-art technology creates innovative and meaningful products for the future.

This onboard technology produces best in class products that can deliver ultimate functionality and performance to any commercial sanitary ware. The integration of IPEE to a fixture is hidden inside the ceramics and invisible for the end user making it maintenance-free and aesthetic solutions.

With the sensor technology, it monitors the usage and the status of all the sanitary ware in real time and enables it to gather unique data about the product and its users. It also communicates with the users through narrowcasting with screens/signage.

HCG with IPEE will radically change the sanitary ware world because they are making it digital to create the best possible experience for every user. This combination of technology and ceramics creates a futuristic design concept and enhances the experience between man and technology.

The question right now is “How can IPEE make sanitary ware digital?’

• Retrofit on existing infrastructure.

IPEE sets a new standard for automatic flushing systems. By adding a battery-powered sensor technology that is connected wirelessly to the cloud, the existing infrastructures can be monitored and will be identified automatically if problems are detected. IPEE’s revolutionary sensor technologies will help solve repetitive problems and get rid of false flushes.

• Retrofit to smart sanitaryware.

IPEE makes the sanitary ware intelligent. It optimizes water usage autonomously and contributes to the sustainable mission of both companies by using premium water saving. Compared to fixed flushing volume of six liters, the adaptive flush volume technology can save up to 45 percent of water usage, which can adapt each flush individually based on unique data for massive water saving.

• Complete makeover.

IPEE can create the complete digital restroom experience with the best products integrated with an IPEE sensor technology that would deliver the best possible experience of hygiene as a result of the easy to maintain materials.

HCG’s exclusive bathroom pieces integrated with IPEE’s onboard sensor technology create sustainability, comfort, and excellent design.

Flush all your cares away with this latest technology collaboration.

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