Unlocking the future with smart electronic locks

Nowadays, we recognize the benefits of technology and being digitally connected, though we sometimes tend to focus on the disadvantages of technology.

Technology offers convenience to our daily lives. It allows us to accomplish things faster and helps us to increase our productivity.

In terms of physical security, technology helps keep families and our homes safer. As parents, we regard home security as important as providing shelter itself. The reality is, we cannot keep an eye on everything, but with the help of technology, we can avoid undesirable situations from happening.

One of the best ways to secure your home is to switch from traditional locks to smart electronic locks. Upgrade your security system with these smart electronic locks that can be truly helpful in any unexpected and scary situation.

You can modify who can access your home by giving them a personalized code and monitor their usage on your app with Sentry Smartlocks.

Smart electronic locks allow users to grant or deny access through their smartphone via mobile app. Since technology is developing very fast, this device comes with different features and generates various customization depending on the user’s needs and specifications.  Considering that smart electronic locks are integrated with different accessibility alternatives, these security systems can be accessed and operated with a smartphone through a mobile application from the lock provider.

The user can set and generate random codes through the app and share it with certain people for them to open the lock. The smart electronic lock can also be accessed through registered fingerprints or with the use of radio-frequency identification (RFID) cards, which refers to a technology whereby digital data encoded in RFID tags are captured by a reader via radio waves. These tags then track and identify the people to access control.

The smart electronic lock is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to open and lock your door without a key. This device allows you to control your lock with just a touch from your smartphone. No more losing and trying to find your keys inside your bag because this smart electronic lock gives you keyless access. No need to make emergency calls to the locksmith to open your locks when you misplaced your keys.

Homeowners can depend on the safety and reliability that these smart electronic locks offer. You will be able to control who enters your home and when. You will never wonder who arrives or get troubled if suspicious people break into your home. You can modify who can have access to your home by giving them a personalized code and monitor the usage on your app. You can never go wrong with the safety feature of this security device. You can get updates on who used the lock and its specific times.

Homeowners can now experience a hassle-free locking and unlocking with real-time visibility, control, and alert notifications on who’s accessing the lock.

Here are tips on using smart locks:

1. Do not share your pin codes to anyone you do not trust.

2. Do not ignore the “low battery alert” to avoid getting locked out when the batteries die.

3. When the batteries die and you get locked out, there are ways for you to still access the lock: an emergency override physical key and charging smart locks by using a typical 9-volt battery or power bank is possible.

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