Fit to be tiled

Every smart homeowner knows that the best-kept secrets of building or styling a home lie in the latest and high-quality finishing materials. With all the advancement we’ve seen in technology, it’s not be impossible for you to achieve the perfect home you’ve always wanted.

Homeowners must take time and effort in thinking and planning their desired home. When you want to transform your house into a vibrant and unique home, consider these elements: themes, style, colors, décor and furniture. You must also consider selecting the right tiles that will complement the overall look of your home.

Tiles can create a stunning look in your spaces whether in your kitchen, bathroom, living area or bedrooms. Tiles can make your home interiors unique and beautiful; they add a personality to your home and transform it the way you want to.

There are many exquisite tile products that are suitable for achieving an elegant look. Picking the tiles that speak both of aesthetics and functionality gives a one-of-a-kind solution for Filipino homebuilders.

The aesthetic feature of tiles is basically its size/shape, color and decoration. Typically, tiles come in square and rectangular form, though there are also hexagons or octagons.

Back then, tiles were mostly in neutral tones but with further developments, color texture and blends can now be achieved and enhanced. You can also choose from glossy or matte as its chromatic texture. In fact, tiles can reproduce any design or picture, however complex and multi-colored they are. Tiles have the ability to showcase the beauty of intricate furniture pieces in your home or highlight the simplicity of a minimalist one.

Along with the breaking strength and the slip-resistance of tiles, its water absorption level is a vital factor. The tile’s permeability to water is tested to determine its absorption level. If the tile has low water absorption, it means that its durability and strength are increased.

Many tiles may look the same but verifying this feature is a must. Consider beautiful, long-lasting, and functional tiles for your home. Moreover, to address our current environmental concerns, the sustainability feature of the tiles must also be considered. Tiles that are made from sustainable and natural materials can actually save you money. Novabell tiles are made from 40 from recycled materials and are compliant with international quality standards. The brand has a sustainable development program with meticulous research in reduction of waste, reuse of waste materials and minimization of the consumption of energy and resources.

Novabell tiles are made from 40 percent recycled materials and are compliant with international quality standards — and they’re built to last.
Once you’ve decided on what tiles are best suited for your home design, you need to make sure that your tiles are built to last. Here are some important tips to keep in mind:


• Do sweep or vacuum floors to remove any dust before using any cleaning products.

• Do damp-mop your tile floor more frequently.

• Do consult on which are the right cleaner, sealant or wax to use, or the maintenance solution for specific types of tiles.


• Do not use cleaners containing acid or bleach for cleaning.

• Do not use ammonia as it will discolor the grout.

• Do not use harsh cleaning aids such as steel wool pads or any scrubbing pads containing metal.