Attract luck at Lucky Chinatown’s 8 Lucky Rituals

As the hunting season for lucky charms, astrological forecast reading, and auspicious rituals intensifies, the community is invited to take a leisurely stroll at Lucky Chinatown Walk. Here, mall guests can try their hands on at eight lucky rituals, that not only promises to be a culturally entertaining sight to behold, but also makes everyone feel and spread the luck and prosperity all-year round.

  1. Toss a coin at the Wealth Pot

To make your year prosperous, make a wish, take a coin from your pocket and blow it three times, and then drop in the pot to secure luck. Jubaopen or Treasure Bowl is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It’s a tradition derived from ancient China placed in homes, workplace, and business centers to attract endless fortune and avert money loss.

  1. Lighting of the First Incense at Miao De Chan Temple

To make your New Year’s wish come true, light incense and offer a heartfelt prayer at Buddha’s altar.

Incense symbolizes the fragrance of pure moral conduct and reminds everyone to cultivate good conduct in their daily lives. Buddhists believe that lighting the first incense of the year can make one’s New Year wish come true.

  1. Astrological Forecast – Find out what the stars have in store for you this 2019.

Chinese Astrology has been in practice since the Zhou Dynasty, and maps out the fortune of all 12 zodiac signs, using the principles of yin and yang and other concepts. Its guiding relevance is still widely popular in today’s modern times.

  1. Ring the Lucky Gong to attract fortune

The ringing of the gong is a traditional symbol of Chinese New Year that is believed to drive away bad luck and evil spirits with the alarming sound while bringing fortune and luck to the ringer.

  1. Visit the Six Laughing Buddhas

To activate your prayers, drop a coin in the donation box, clap three times, make a wish and touch the red rope in front of Buddha representing your hopes for 2019. Buddha is identified as “one who is awake” or “one who has achieved enlightenment.”

Buddha with a Ball – This Buddha brings on Prosperity for those seeking new opportunities in their finances, income, and endeavors.

Buddha with a Sack – This Buddha represents Wealth and Good Fortune and brings on growth for existing businesses and ventures.

Buddha with Children – This Buddha symbolizes fertility and productivity for those seeking to build a family or to improve their ability to produce results in their careers or personal development.

Buddha with a Fan – This Buddha wards off bad luck, accidents and physical harm.

Buddha with a Gourd – This Buddha is the bringer of Good Health and Healing for those who experience ailments and depressions.

Buddha with a Sword – This Buddha attracts professional growth and development for those who want to improve their careers.

6.Pray for a fortuitous year to Cai Shen, the God of Wealth

Legend says that every Lunar New Year, Cai Shen, the guardian of heaven’s treasury descends from heaven to visit his followers. Many families worship the God of Wealth by offering incense to invite the god into their homes and pray for a luckier and more prosperous year.

  1. Deposit your desired wish at the Piggy Bank

What’s your wish for 2019? Write it in the golden Chinese coin, and drop in the wish basket. Like a traditional bank, you can gain your desired wish by investing in the following: Wealth, Love, Happiness, Health, and Protection.

  1. Wealth – Invest in good fortune and let good tidings come to you.
  2. Love – Attract your future significant other and share affection to your loved ones.
  3. Happiness – Radiate that inner glow within and spread positivity.
  4. Health – Always be in the pink of health in order to do things your way.
  5. Protection – Pray for favorable and momentous luck all year long
  6. Send a Lucky Letter

Send letters to your loved ones just like the heydays of the snail mail using So Asian Comics customized greeting cards and PHLPost stamps.

While in Lucky Chinatown, don’t pass by the chance to visit Fu Lou Shou (The Three Star Gods). Fu Lu Shou or San Xing in Chinese are known as the Three Star Gods. They are often referred to collectively as Fu Lu Shou. These three Chinese auspicious star gods enhance good fortune, happiness, prosperity and longevity.

For more information, parking details and restaurant reservations, please call the Lucky Chinatown concierge at 576-8139 or visit 


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