3 co-working spaces every student must try along Taft to meet deadlines on time 

Libraries can be a little suffocating, especially during finals season. With the place swarming with different students desperate to beat their own deadlines, consider yourself lucky to even pass through the doorway unscathed, without so much as losing your reviewers along the way.

Every learner knows this #StruggleIsReal in finding the perfect spot where they can camp out all day, get the work done, and also engage in active group collaboration.

Unfortunately, university libraries don’t meet these modern-day conditions of a conducive learning environment, given the strict “Quiet Please!” policy and limited charging sockets. Staying at home is also not viable for some, bringing in only more harm than good.

To free everyone from the burden of not knowing where to go, Property Report has taken the initiative to list three student-friendly co-working spaces along Taft that can surely help you stir up instant productivity.

Cloudscape Study Hub

If you’re looking for a cute, Instagrammable place to study and chill, the Cloudscape Study Hub might be the ONE for you.

Cloudscape Study Hub

Located on the third floor of the D’ Student’s Place building, the cafe is accessible to everyone who’s only a minute away from De La Salle University, and even less from the nearby dormitories. It openly welcomes students from Monday to Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., promising convenience like no other.

Cloudscape rates range from PhP 100 to PhP 560, depending on how many hours you plan to stay. This comes with a complete package of one charging outlet, one beverage, and access to unlimited Wi-Fi. Hence, all you need to worry about are the due dates you have to meet.

Aside from the regular cafe tables for group study, the Taft-based co-working place also offers individual study cubicles—an instant selling point for those who want to come in alone. Through it, students can stay focused on achieving their academic goals, without easily being distracted by their surroundings.

Co-lab Coffee Project

Name a better adjective for this, but the Co-lab Coffee Project is a HEAVEN on earth! This newly-opened cafe, co-working, and creativity space in one is the ideal place to get your mind working without feeling like it.

Co-lab Coffee Project

The store can be found on the ground floor of the Vista Residences in Manila. With a cozy and artistic ambiance, students can visit daily from 7:00 a.m. to 12:30 a.m., and enjoy various craft-making workshops, crammed review sessions, and even catch-up times with their loved ones.

Refueling after all the activities is also not a problem, as the Co-lab Coffee Project presents a wide range of tasteful delights. From breakfast meals to mouthwatering desserts, everything on their menu is guaranteed good food with a price range of PhP 165 to PhP 395.

What makes it even more unique, as compared to other study hubs, is that the place has its own stationery corner. In fact, everything you will ever need to get through hell week is there for you to grab. May it be notepads or highlighter pens, students are saved from the trouble of going out just to buy and restock their study essentials.

Still, the surprises don’t stop there. Can you believe that the Coffee Project’s extension also has a podcast room? How cool is that? Finally, students majoring in Arts can now rent the recording studio and finish their multimedia outputs hassle-free!

Space 1851 Coworking Hub

Another hidden gem waiting to be found along Taft is the Space 1851 Coworking Hub. As compared to the previous two, this study haven stands a little farther, and is at least 13 minutes away from the De La Salle Main Campus.

Space 1851 Coworking

Located at Pilar Hidalgo Lim Street, Malate, the shared workspace exudes a formal and business-only vibe. With its minimalist office-like interior, students are guaranteed to get into the zone and accomplish their pending academic backlogs. The only downside is that it doesn’t operate on weekends and is only open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Space 1851 puts academic commitment to another level, basing its rate on the days you plan to stop by and not on the hours. Unlike the others, they offer an all-day pass for PhP 450, and can even go as long as a month for PhP 5000. This includes unlimited access to fast Wi-Fi, office supplies, complimentary beverages, and everything you will ever need to unleash your full potential.

In fact, the co-working hub is all about eliminating potential stress and making work easier for everyone. Hence, if you also have plans to host a group seminar or meeting, the place has a free-to-rent conference room that can accommodate up to 20 to 25 persons.

While each learner has different studying habits to religiously follow, it is a must to acknowledge that a healthy learning environment plays a pivotal role in developing one’s learning efficiency and overall academic performance.

Students, contrary to popular belief, don’t have to burn their brows just to learn. Sailing through college isn’t supposed to feel like torture, but an opportunity to grow and accumulate a wealth of knowledge. Hence, going into study hubs helps us not only practice this principle but also support local small businesses. In this way, we get to hit two birds with one stone!