The Rockwell Land legacy: Crafting iconic spaces to expanding horizons

For nearly three decades, Rockwell Land has been synonymous with creating sophisticated mixed-use developments, each offering a distinct lifestyle experience. Since its inception in Makati City, Rockwell has continuously set the bar high, redefining urban living by transforming spaces into cohesive and thriving communities where residents can live, work, and play in unparalleled comfort and style.

A legacy of excellence in the Philippines

Rockwell’s journey began with its iconic flagship development, the Rockwell Center in Makati. The 15-hectare expanse that was once a power plant site was transformed into an urban oasis with a vibrant community that cleverly blends residential, corporate, and retail spaces perfectly. The Power Plant Mall at the heart of Rockwell Center—which set the standards for Rockwell’s future projects that showcase the company’s commitment to quality and innovation—immediately became a landmark known for its well-curated high-end brands, dining establishments, and entertainment venues.

The 63-hectare mixed-use community in Batangas

As Rockwell Center evolved, so did the company’s vision. Rockwell’s vertical developments have gained a reputation for quality and prestige in the real estate market. Their projects are known for innovative designs, prime locations, and high-end amenities that cater to discerning residents. From an investment perspective, Rockwell properties offer several advantages. Its track record of success instills confidence in potential buyers and investors, leading to better sale and resale values. Its mixed-use developments incorporate retail and office spaces, generating high rental yields because of their comprehensive inclusions. Rockwell properties’ exclusivity and luxury features also command premium rental rates, driving market demand and increasing returns for investors. Property appreciation is also higher due to their value surging over time mainly for quality and desirable locations.

Diversifying with horizontal developments

Building on its success with vertical developments, Rockwell has strategically expanded its portfolio to include horizontal projects, providing a variety of residential lot options to cater to the growing demand for more spacious, nature-integrated living environments. This expansion is exemplified by successful projects in Bacolod City such as the Nara lots at Nara Residences and the Bel-Air lots at Rockwell Center Bacolod; and the south developments in Laguna and Batangas which are Rockwell South at Carmelray in the City of Calamba and Terreno South in Lipa City.

Experience Southern living at Rockwell South at Carmelray, Laguna

The launch of these horizontal developments has been met with tremendous success, particularly Rockwell South at Carmelray and Terreno South, where both saw enthusiastic reception from the market with the former’s initial clusters brisk selling over 60% of residential lot provisions in the first month; and the latter similarly continuing to flourish with its Phase 5 launch in 2023, building upon the success of its previous phases. Adding to these are the well-received Bel-air lots in Rockwell Center Bacolod which are 76% sold and the Nara lots in Nara Residences which are 87% sold.

A hybrid of Rockwell’s vertical and horizontal development at Nara Residences, Bacolod City

Expanding footprint in Luzon

As Rockwell continues to expand its horizons, the company is poised to continue introducing new horizontal projects with exciting developments in Batangas and Bulacan. These upcoming projects promise to bring the signature Rockwell touch to new locations, designed to offer residents the opportunity to experience the brand’s distinct lifestyle offerings tailored to its specific community; and the convenience of their accessibility to and from Metro Manila.

Broader in the South

Looking ahead, Rockwell is set to further solidify its presence in South Luzon with three new developments in Batangas. The expansion promises an array of invigorating communities that cater to diverse lifestyles and preferences. These projects will feature a fusion of residential, mixed-use, and commercial spaces, each distinguished by their own unique amenities. From scenic lake views to sprawling landscapes and innovative retail concepts, these upcoming Batangas developments will redefine luxury living in the South.

The mixed-use haven in Lipa is a 63-hectare development joint venture with General Milling Corporation that will initially offer open lots designed to become a premier family leisure destination in South Luzon with generous spaces and first-class amenities designed to become a premier family leisure destination in South Luzon with generous spaces and first-class facilities that will be easily accessible through the new 38-meter-wide Manila-Batangas bypass road once its construction is completed. This will provide direct access to the site and seamlessly connect residents to nearby cities and the adjacent province.

Another property in Lipa is the 38-hectare residential development that features tranquil hillside living with views of the Taal lake, providing residents and visitors seeking a more elevated experience and a serene escape with a picturesque nature backdrop. Complementing the stunning scenery is a range of wellness activity offerings to create a rejuvenating retreat for the mind, body, and soul.

Recreation takes center stage at yet another exceptional Batangas property landscape in the coastal area of Lian. The project is poised to present a distinct leisure experience through a meticulously designed golf course. This harmonious combination of nature’s beauty and high-end amenities is ideal for future residents and recreation enthusiasts who love the ocean air.

Moving forward with Bulacan

A new Rockwell neighborhood is on the way in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, spanning 100 hectares

Going northward, Rockwell Land’s venture into Bulacan will make its mark in San Jose del Monte with a sprawling 100-hectare project. The community will showcase nature-inspired landscapes and open lots to those seeking a more serene living environment. Fusing urban living with nature’s goodness, the residential community will be anchored by a comprehensive retail strip and provide its future residents with the ultimate Rockwell life. For those who prefer more adventurous or family-friendly activities, the development will have central amenities to cater to those with active lifestyles, ensuring that everyone has ample opportunities for bonding and recreation set amidst rolling terrains and lush greenery.

As Rockwell Land continues to evolve and expand into new geographic areas, one thing remains constant: the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and creating exceptional living spaces and enduring communities that elevate the lifestyle of its residents. With each new development project, Rockwell not only builds structures but also crafts dynamic options that cater to diverse preferences. The company’s unstoppable progress is shaping the future of urban living, bringing living spaces where people can thrive and experience life beyond the ordinary—and where life’s finest moments unfold.