FNG and Fast Retailing Philippines unveiled innovatively human-centric logistics facility at Riverpark North

In a bold move set to redefine the logistics landscape in the Philippines, Federal Land NRE Global Inc. (FNG), a strategic collaboration between Federal Land Inc. and Japan’s Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., has announced a logistics facility in partnership with Fast Retailing Philippines, the local entity behind the global company that operates the fashion powerhouse UNIQLO. The new landmark project is poised to significantly elevate logistics standards, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and worker well-being.

A celebration of progress and innovation

On June 20, 2024, the groundbreaking ceremony for the UNIQLO Logistics Facility at Riverpark North, Cavite, marked a very significant milestone. Attended by top executives from Federal Land NRE Global, Inc. namely Vice Chairman Yusuke Hirano and President and Chief Operations Officer Thomas Mirasol; Federal Land Project Development Head Stephen Comia and Technical Execution Group Head Alvin U. Ty; Nomura Real Estate General Manager of the Overseas Business Division Masao Toba; Fast Retailing Japan Group Senior Vice President Hidetsugu Asada; Fast Retailing Philippines Chief Financial Officer Ryo Watanabe; UNIQLO Philippines Chief Operating Officer Geraldine Sia; Cavite Congressman Hon. Antonio “Ony” Ferrer; and Local Government Unit (LGU) officials of General Trias City such as the Honorable Mayor Luis “Jon-Jon” Ferrer IV and Honorable Vice Mayor Jonas Labuguen, this collective commitment is the company’s signal to contribute to the economic progress and sustainable development in the country.

Executives from left to right: Chief Financial Officer of Fast Retailing Philippines, Mr. Ryo Watanabe, Group Senior Vice President of Fast Retailing Japan, Mr. Hidetsugu Asada, Chief Operating Officer of UNIQLO Philippines, Ms. Geraldine Sia, Cavite Congressman, Honorable Antonio “Ony” Ferrer, President of Federal Land NRE Global, Mr. Thomas Mirasol, General Trias City Mayor, Honorable Luis “Jon-Jon” Ferrer IV, Vice Chairman of Federal Land NRE Global, Mr. Yusuke Hirano, General Trias City Vice Mayor, Honorable Jonas Labuguen, Technical Execution Group Head of Federal Land, Mr. Alvin U. Ty, General Manager of the Overseas Business Division of Nomura Real Estate Mr. Masao Toba, and Project Development Head of Federal Land, Mr. Stephen Comia.

The event underscores FNG’s dedication to furthering investment and innovation in the Philippines; and the new facility aims to set the highest standards for logistics operations, integrating advanced technology with sustainable practices to create an efficient and eco-friendly supply chain hub.

Strategic location and economic impact

Riverpark North, poised to be the Next Gen City of the South where FNG’s rsidential neighborhood Yume and the Riverpark Bike Trails are nestled, is the designated site for the new UNIQLO Logistics Facility and will be the home to the key development by FNG in Cavite. The decision to select the location strongly signifies the area’s strategic significance in logistics, leveraging its close proximity to CALAX for seamless connectivity and operational efficiency.

Establishing the logistic facility in General Trias–a deliberate move to position it in the area where SM City General Trias, the largest regional mall in the region, is located–is more than just a business venture; it is also an important economic driver expected to generate numerous job opportunities, boosting local employment and stimulating economic movement in the region.

Commitment to sustainability and worker well-being

FNG’s approach to the project is rooted in sustainability and human-centrism. The new logistics facility will feature solar panels, harnessing renewable energy to power parts of the soon-to-rise building. This aligns with FNG’s larger commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable development.

As the company’s humanist focus remains a key aspect of its vision of modern logistics, designing the structure with the welfare of its workers in mind becomes its priority. Comfortable, supportive work environments are the central components of its architecture, ensuring that its employees will thrive and flourish in their roles.

Looking ahead to future collaborations

Both FNG and Fast Retailing Philippines are excited about the possibilities the collaboration has opened up. The current project is the beginning of a long-term partnership aimed at driving further innovation and growth. It also symbolizes a commitment to shared values of innovation, sustainability, and economic growth, setting the stage for future developments that will continue to benefit the Philippines.

Federal Land NRE Global, Inc. remains at the forefront of innovative and sustainable real estate solutions. The partnership with Fast Retailing Philippines represents a significant step forward in contributing to the economic growth, job provision, and community development in the country.

For more information about the groundbreaking project and to stay updated on FNG’s latest news, visit www.fng.ph.