Experience international flavors at Hann Casino Resort

Property Report had the pleasure of sampling dishes from the following restaurants and wholeheartedly agrees that the elevated dining experience helps Hann Casino Resort claim the name “The Culinary Capital of Clark.” Hann has naturally embraced the gastronomic excellence that Pampanga is known for.

Smoki Moto: Elevated Korean Cuisine 

Located on the 17th floor of Clark Marriott Hotel, Smoki Moto offers scenic views, modern interiors, and an elevated drink menu. Known for its premium Black Angus Beef, including the Tomahawk Steak, and lighter fare like Bibim Magguksu and Samgyetang, it’s perfect for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends.

Dining with a view at Clark Marriott’s Smoki Moto

Goji Kitchen+Bar: A Global Buffet Experience 

Clark Marriott’s all-day buffet restaurant, led by Chef Robert Czeschka, offers a dynamic dining experience with Asian, Western, Japanese, Italian, and Filipino cuisines. Highlights include the Kapampangan station serving sisig, sinigang, and burong hipon. Its ever-changing menu and interactive setup make it a top choice for food enthusiasts.

Wu Xing: Authentic Chinese Flavors 

Located on the ground floor of Clark Marriott, Wu Xing exudes Asian elegance with private dining rooms. Known for its authentic Peking duck, marinated and roasted with star-apple firewood, Wu Xing offers a culinary journey under Chef Lucas Zhou, ideal for business meetings and family gatherings.

Markt: European Market Dining 

European market experience Swissotel Clark’s Markt

Markt at Swissotel Clark combines European dining with international cuisine. Inspired by vibrant food markets, Markt offers healthy salads, freshly cooked meals, and irresistible desserts in a charming setting with brick walls and a stained-glass ceiling. This all-day dining venue captures the essence of European culinary culture.

With the best restaurants under one roof, Clark’s dining landscape has boldly expanded to include a range of international flavors, making it a new culinary destination within a destination. Each restaurant not only offers unique menus but also immersive dining experiences that reflect the cultural essence of their cuisines. Clark’s dining scene is truly diverse, and these top restaurants under Hann Casino Resort offer a remarkable array of culinary delights, each contributing to Clark’s growing reputation as a premier culinary destination.