The ultimate checklist for choosing the best home near campus

Stepping into university life is a gateway to independence. It marks the first step into adulthood, encouraging students to make decisions, select courses, and choose schedules of their own free will. For some, college offers the opportunity to leave the nest and finally have their own small, private space.

With this newfound freedom, students can study as much as they want, whenever they feel like it, without worrying about disturbing anyone at home with their late-night study sessions. It’s an exciting prospect, despite the impending pressure of nonstop academic deadlines. However, this journey to independence might not be something our families eagerly anticipate.

Although having their children living in dormitories or nearby housing isn’t exactly every parent’s dream (if anything, they hope the day never comes!), for those living far from the metro, it’s often a necessity. To ease their worries, even just a little, here’s the ULTIMATE checklist for choosing the best home near universities.

Prioritize quality safety: Assess security within and around the area

While a good-looking, clean place may seem ideal, it’s better to pick a home where you feel comfortable and secure. Compromising on safety can affect your health and your ability to focus on your studies.

A 2021 study by the Thomas Fordham Institute, an American educational center, confirmed that a safe learning environment maintains students’ high motivation levels throughout their educational journey, ensuring better retention of information. Conversely, studying in a risk-prone area can make students anxious and easily distracted, hindering their academic performance.

Thus, it is highly recommended to check for working CCTV cameras in the area and research the local crime rate before signing a lease. For added security, ask yourself: Is the street leading to my home safe to walk on after a late-night class?

After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Scout for nearby convenient establishments: Always consider location!

Living near the university belt significantly reduces travel time, decreasing the likelihood of being late to class or getting home past curfew. This optimized schedule allows students to use the time saved from commuting for more productive tasks, like self-study.

However, proximity to the university isn’t the only factor to consider. It’s equally important to familiarize yourself with nearby convenient establishments, such as grocery stores, medical clinics, and reliable transit terminals.

Being at the center of these establishments provides multiple options in case of emergencies. Accessibility guarantees security, creating a safer and more conducive learning environment.

Even when away from family, knowing that everything you need is within close distance allows for better sleep and study.

Signal and WIFI availability: A MUST for modern-day learning

Free WIFI access is almost as necessary as the amenities that come with the place. For many, it’s a top priority, given how much academic work and classes are conducted online nowadays.

Moreover, the digital space facilitates easier communication with loved ones. Hence, having internet or at least a strong signal around the area is a common non-negotiable for students. This ensures they can use mobile data to complete research and assignments on time.

Relying on free access instead of subscribing to a monthly WIFI plan on top of rent can be a practical choice for students. It’s budget-friendly, allowing them to minimize expenses while securing a good learning experience.

Choosing the right home near your university is a crucial step in ensuring a smooth and productive college experience. By prioritizing safety, considering the convenience of nearby establishments, and ensuring good WIFI availability, students can create an environment conducive to both academic success and personal growth. Remember, this is your first taste of independence, so make it count by making informed and wise decisions. Happy house hunting!