‘Life made beautiful’ Brittany transforms living into an art form across its wellness communities

It transforms everyday living into a beautiful lifestyle and wellness experience.

Brittany, the leisure and premium residential arm of Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc., continues to set the standard for upscale living in the Philippines as it not only draws inspiration from some of the world’s most beautiful cities, but also integrates wellness into its developments. Offering the right mix of luxury, nature, and wellness, Brittany has been delivering distinct lifestyles that enrich lives in myriad ways.

Elegance, comfort and well-being

Indeed, Brittany transforms living into an art form, masterfully blending elegance, comfort, and holistic well-being in every enclave—evident in its stunning architecture and design, elegantly curated natural spaces, verdant pocket gardens, and state-of-the-art amenities. Each neighborhood was designed to nurture both body and soul.

The neighborhoods, for example, have been inspired by iconic destinations, enabling residents to live in charming streets reminiscent of San Francisco, soak in the romantic allure of Italy, or revel in the tranquil beauty of Swiss landscapes. All are designed to offer a visual feast and a haven of tranquility at the same time.

Stunning respite

Within these communities meanwhile are stunning homes that offer a respite. Spacious interiors, elegant finishes, and premium materials create a living space that is both stylish and functional.

Outside, residents are treated to breathtaking views of greenery, as nature plays a central role in Brittany’s developments. Lush green spaces, meticulously landscaped gardens, and tree-lined avenues create a serene environment where residents can reconnect with nature. Whether it’s a morning jog through verdant parks, an afternoon spent in a community garden, or an evening walk amid scenic landscapes, residents are constantly surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Holistic wellness

In creating its communities this way, Brittany champions holistic wellness.

Wellness centers, meditation gardens, jogging and biking trails, and outdoor fitness zones are strategically incorporated to promote mental and emotional well-being. These spaces provide residents with areas to relax, meditate, and rejuvenate, fostering a sense of peace and balance in their daily lives. At the same time, it can serve as areas to converge among families and friends.

Complementing these open spaces and gardens are top tier facilities that promote physical well-being. State-of-the-art fitness centers, expansive swimming pools and sports courts make it convenient for residents to keep active and healthy. On top of these, recreational, retail and dining hubs offer modern leisure spaces for the residents.

Essentially, Brittany has long been creating wellness lifestyle communities in the country. This means, spaces proactively designed and built to support holistic health of residents—making it easier to promote well-being across all facets of everyday living.

This is evident in its existing projects such as the 124-hectare Swiss-inspired community that is Crosswinds in Tagaytay City, where residents and guests are embraced by the grandeur of 35,000 majestic pine trees, breathtaking scenes, lush nooks and gardens, chalet-inspired homes, as well as retail and dining hubs integrated seamlessly into this exclusive community.

And its up and coming developments promise the same—from Bern, the four-tower residential development promising exceptional living experiences in the Philippine Summer Capital to Forresta, a 119-ha mixed-use expanse offering verdant landscapes and a beautiful forest in the city. This ultra luxurious project, which will have high rise residential towers and premium villages, is situated within Villar City, a 3,500-ha emerging mega development connecting 15 towns and cities across Metro Manila and Cavite.

Creating beautiful experiences

Living in a Brittany community is truly more than just having a beautiful home—it’s about experiencing beauty every single day. Charming neighborhood cafes, vibrant community events, tranquil parks, and scenic walking paths enhance the daily lives of residents.

Such thoughtfully designed communities foster a sense of belonging and offer a distinct lifestyle that is as enriching as it is beautiful.

Indeed, with Brittany, it’s life made beautiful.

For more information on Brittany’s collection of luxury properties, visit www.brittany.com.ph and follow its Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.