Vista Land sets the ground for amazing new lifescapes in Mindanao through Vista Estates

Vista Land’s consolidation of master planned developments gains footing in the southern regions of the Philippines, bringing a full range of real estate possibilities that let residents aspire for amazing. Through Vista Estates, its collection of master planned communities offering unique, premium, and sustainable lifescapes, the Philippines’ largest home builder provides its residents and investors with limitless growth opportunities. Vista Land is investing in these master planned developments, making good on its promise to its homebuyers and investors to continue creating superior offerings and, more importantly, deliver excellent long-term investment growth.

Set within premier destinations across the country, the sprawling developments host themed residential abodes that carry each estate’s unique identity, making life for its denizens even more fascinating. 

The Midtown
City of Cagayan de Oro

Destined to become a landmark in Northern Mindanao, the Canitoan estate is growing into a collection of world-class points of convergence blueprinted for the evolving lifestyles of the modern-day Kagay-anon.

The Midtown in Cagayan de Oro City will offer world-class gathering spaces for the modern Kagay-anons making it a scenic and wellness-focused community.

A mixed-use development, The Midtown will combine a sprawling commercial center, office buildings, a network hub, and stunning residential towers. It will be the perfect place for residents to build careers, raise families, and aspire to whatever their hearts desire.

The Midtown will offer a residential assortment within its first cluster of vertical offerings, The Midtown Residences, ideal for those looking into the conveniences and security of a condominium. These vertical residences are designed after the more modern global architectural wonders.

The Montage
City of Cagayan de Oro

Beyond the city proper of Cagayan de Oro, in the thriving town of Lumbia, The Montage is growing into a grand estate drawing inspired by the rich and elaborate traditions of European architecture. The Montage will be a sprawling exposition of major art movements from the Renaissance that emphasizes symmetry and proportion to the lavish elements of the Baroque that highlight opulence, grandeur, and emotion. With its futuristic and eye-catching works of art, the postmodern era is also considered, as well as contemporary styles, where a fusion of compelling structures defines the 21st century. Montage is thoughtfully divided into five zones, with zone three dedicated to condominium villages called the Belmonde Residences.

City of Davao

Ideally situated in Mintal, just 20 minutes from the city proper and the vanguard of its vibrant past and sanguine future, 25-hectare Sandera is creating a secure haven where cozy vertical residences peek out from verdant terrains and terrazas. Residents and investors can soon come home to their own pockets of paradise where the stresses of the world are far apart.

The 10-hectare Sandera in Davao City is creating a secure haven where cozy vertical residences peek out from verdant terrains and terrazas.

Sandera Residences features a clubhouse that will become the place where residents gather to craft memorable moments. A children’s playground will ring with the sounds of play and laughter. Strewn throughout the vertical clusters will be a network of meandering pathways for joggers, bikers, or those who want a quick stroll at the end of the day. Every day is a celebration of life, reveling in its abundance, beauty, and radiance.

City of General Santos

Altafina is a portmanteau of alta, meaning high, and fina, meaning fine. The name calls to mind images of living high and living it up. It exudes a joy and fearlessness that the metropolis is designed to capture and offer its residents and visitors. The estate is inspired by the hip and dynamic groove the beach town of San Diego radiates, with all the amenities possible with today’s smart building technology, yet cozy and friendly.

Inspired by San Diego, California, Altafina is a mixed-use master planned development in General Santos City.

San Diego and GenSan are proud of the diversity of the cultures, adventures, and opportunities they host. Altafina features a selection of residential possibilities, building architecture, and public space design. There will be high-tech towers for work, side-by-side soothing open parks, landscaped walkways, and “happening” commercial centers.

City of Butuan

Burrowed in the heart of Agusan del Norte in Northern Mindanao, Butuan is the de facto capital city, earning its title as the Golden City. Amid Butuan’s fascinating history, natural wonders, and dynamic growth, Vista Land is developing a city within a city that will build all the necessities for living one’s best life.

Named after the mythical city of gold, El Dorado, Eldora in the city of Butuan will be the first of its kind in the Caraga Region.

Affectionately named Eldora, after the legendary city of gold—El Dorado—the township will be the first of its kind in the Caraga Region, a development offering first-rate home-work-leisure options within easy reach. Residences nestled within themed enclaves as well as in towering villages, going beyond the security and conveniences of smart condominiums, will be designed to offer fascinating panoramas of the urban skyline, the sea, and the beautiful mountain ranges that grace Northern Mindanao.

City of Zamboanga

Andaluz will rise on 32-hectare prime land, comprising two nodes, blueprinted to bring Andalusia to life on our islands. Andalusia is considered to be one of the most colorful regions of Spain. Whether art, architecture, food, dance, or music, the region is not afraid to be vibrant. Andaluz will be styled to bring this effervescence to life, guided by the dream that its residents live life in color.

The Andaluz estate enjoys a strategic location, offering straightforward access to key transportation hubs. It is a 40-minute journey from the Zamboanga City International Airport and only 36 minutes from the international seaport. For those preferring land travel, the Integrated Bus Terminal can be reached in 10 minutes, and access to the KCC Mall Transport Terminal is 26 minutes away.

Invest in a better way of living

Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. is the leading integrated property developer and the largest homebuilder in the country today. As the holding company of the housing ventures of Vista Group, it primarily develops horizontal properties, master-planned communities, and the construction of vertical residences in the Philippines’ key growth areas.

Filipinos deserve the best—this driving belief has been integral to Vista Land and its day-to-day operations and is the secret to its success. Creating better, expansive, and global-oriented offerings and experiences for its residents and delivering excellent long-term investment growth for its stakeholders has always been the impetus behind the conglomerate’s continuous evolution.

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