Meeting marketing demands with Wilcon Depot’s 95th store opening

Growing, developing, and progressing— these are the words that perfectly describe the provincial economies in the Philippines, particularly in the Ilocos region. One of the provinces that has been experiencing remarkable growth is Pangasinan.  

This boom in economic development has paved the way for major players in various industries to tap into the potential of Pangasinan. As one of the leaders of the Philippines’ leading home improvement and construction supply retailer, Wilcon Depot, we recognized the immense opportunities in Pangasinan, not just for the local economy but also for the residents who are in need of quality products and services. 

Based on the 2020 census of population, Pangasinan registered a total population of 3,163,190 and ranks sixth in the country. The steady increase in population indicates a growing market and consumer base, making it an attractive destination for businesses to expand and thrive. Furthermore, the local government of Pangasinan has been implementing various initiatives to support and promote economic growth in the province.  

But if we go back in time, during 2015, we opened our 1st store in Villasis, Pangasinan. It was visited by large numbers of different buyers, professionals, suppliers, sellers, and businessmen all over the place and in neighboring areas. 

Yet this year 2024, I am excited that we opened our 2nd door in the lively and dynamic municipality of Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan.

Wilcon Depot Sta. Barbara is dedicated to the hardworking individuals and families who inspire us daily. It’s for the homemakers creating cozy sanctuaries, the builders constructing new futures, and the dreamers envisioning beautiful spaces. This store is a testament to the power of collaboration, trust, and the relentless spirit of the Filipino people. And guess what? This second store is also the 95th store nationwide that we’ve established. 

Understanding customer demand is crucial for success in any market. In Sta. Barbara, Wilcon Depot has identified high-demand items such as water heaters, tiles and flooring, paint and coatings, and kitchen and bathroom fixtures. These products cater to homeowners seeking to upgrade their living spaces. To ensure accessibility, Wilcon Depot’s new store in Sta. Barbara is fully stocked with a wide inventory and staffed by knowledgeable professionals ready to assist customers with their projects.

As we at Wilcon Depot aim to be a beacon of dreams–a store that will shine brightly with the promise of quality home improvement solutions, exceptional customer service, and a genuine commitment to helping every family build their dream home, just like what we serve to all of our consumers across the country.

Our company’s success story is deeply intertwined with the lives and dreams of our customers. From the bustling cities to the serene provinces, our stores have become havens where dreams are crafted and brought to life. Each visit, each purchase, and every project completed with Wilcon Depot products represent a piece of our collective journey.

And being part of this significant event is truly remarkable. But I will always be reminded that this milestone would not have been possible without the support and trust of our customers, the dedication of our employees, and the strong partnerships we have built over the years. They have been the wind beneath our wings, pushing us forward and inspiring us to strive for greater heights.

With each new store, we strengthen our perseverance to provide the best products and services, to be a pillar of support in the community, and to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those we serve. Our dream is to be more than just a store; we aim to be a part of your journey, helping you build, create, and transform spaces into homes filled with love, warmth, and memories.

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we invite everyone to visit our new store in Pangasinan. Explore a wide range of high-quality products, experience exceptional customer service, and join us in making every home improvement dream come true. Shop at Wilcon Depot, where we build big ideas.