First Atkins expands operations in ALLHC’s Cavite Technopark

First Atkins Holdings Corp. (FAHC), a prominent figure in the Philippines’ wholesale and retail meat industry, is significantly expanding its operations by acquiring additional lots within AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp.’s (ALLHC) Cavite Technopark. This expansion underscores FAHC’s commitment to enhancing its presence in the CALABARZON region, a vital industrial corridor in the country.

Strategic location enhances connectivity

Launched in 2015, Cavite Technopark is ALLHC’s second industrial estate which currently spans 166 hectares and caters to both PEZA-registered and non-PEZA locator companies.

Cavite Technopark, launched in 2015, is strategically located in Naic, Cavite. Its proximity to key international gateways, including the Cavite Gateway Terminal and Sangley Airport, offers businesses unparalleled accessibility and connectivity, making it an ideal location for FAHC’s expanded operations.

Enhanced distribution capabilities

FAHC, a leader in the meat industry, supplies a vast network across Luzon, including major traditional and modern trade channels, hotels, restaurants, and meat shops. Annually, the company distributes over 120,000 metric tons (MT) of pork, chicken, and beef, facilitated by a fleet of 150+ trucks and a workforce exceeding 900 individuals.

State-of-the-Art facility in Cavite Technopark

In March 2023, FAHC inaugurated one of the largest continuous cold storage warehouses (CSWs) in the Philippines at Cavite Technopark, which stands as the largest in South Luzon. This advanced facility, with a workforce of 180 individuals, underscores FAHC’s dedication to maintaining a robust supply chain and ensuring product quality.

FAHC’s facility in Cavite Technopark is one of the biggest continuous cold storage warehouses in the Philippines, and is the biggest in South Luzon.

Commitment to sustainability

Reflecting its commitment to sustainability, FAHC’s facility integrates renewable energy, featuring 1,078 solar panels generating approximately 1MW of solar power. This initiative significantly reduces carbon emissions, aligning with FAHC’s broader environmental goals.

Endorsement from AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp.

Robert S. Lao, President and CEO of ALLHC, welcomed FAHC’s expansion, highlighting the shared vision of fostering business growth and innovation within Cavite Technopark. “We are delighted to welcome First Atkins Group’s expansion within Cavite Technopark,” shared Mr. Lao. “Choosing Cavite Technopark for their facility and upcoming expansion underscores our shared commitment to creating vibrant business environments that support growth and innovation.”

Future Prospects and Strategic Advantages

ALLHC Technoparks Sales and Marketing Manager Gail T. Santos, ALLHC Chief Operating Officer Patrick C. Avila, FAHC President & CEO Gabriel J. Ang, FAHC Chief Financial Officer Myk Gamora, and ALLHC Corporate Communications Manager Bettina E. Desiderio

Gabriel J. Ang, President and CEO of FAHC, emphasized the strategic advantages of Cavite Technopark’s location, especially with the upcoming Bataan – Cavite Interlink Bridge. This infrastructure project is poised to revolutionize regional transportation, reducing travel time dramatically from five hours to 45 minutes and further enhancing FAHC’s distribution efficiency to deliver high-quality meat products to Filipino consumers. Ang also highlighted the company’s commitment to meeting market demands and adhering to government food safety initiatives.

Driving economic progress

FAHC’s expanded presence solidifies Cavite Technopark’s status as a dynamic hub for economic progress and business excellence in South Luzon, paving the way for continued industrial growth and regional development.

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