Italpinas: Celebrating 15 years of green innovation and sustainable living

I would like to dedicate my column this week to Italpinas Development Corporation’s (IDC) recent Crystal anniversary celebration, which took place in Cagayan de Oro City (CDO), the company’s first home.  It is an honor and a blessing to have reached the 15-year mark and with still so many opportunities ahead.

It was a night of revelry and gratitude at the Luxe Hotel in downtown CDO in the company of more than 300 people, composed of the men and women of Italpinas as well as its partners through the years, such as our banks, clients, contractors, suppliers, brokers, and joint venture partners.

Atty. Jojo Leviste, IDC president, took the stage to share his own thoughts as he reflected on the company’s challenging yet fulfilling journey since we established the firm in 2009. If Italpinas has managed to be on top of its game all these years, it is because of the collective efforts of everyone in the organization, from top to bottom. 

A glimpse of IDC’s eight current projects in Luzon and Mindanao. Projects are at different stages of development—completed, under construction, predevelopment.

Jojo likewise acknowledged the local governments of its host communities, which welcomed IDC’s investments and provided business-friendly environments that enabled us to start on solid footing. He likewise expressed our unwavering commitment to sustainable development, architectural excellence, and community empowerment.

 IDC Chief Operating Officer Giuseppe Garofalo also paid tribute to our employees and partners for the fruitful collaborations that launched award-winning green projects in Mindanao and Luzon.

Primavera Residences

When it was my turn to speak, I looked back at our beginnings 15 years ago with gratitude. Our journey was a challenging but fulfilling ride. As a real estate development company that focuses on sustainable properties in emerging cities in the Philippines, we were, in many ways, pioneers in our chosen locations, and this made it especially meaningful for us to push forward with our core values and unique brand. 

Fast forward, we have expanded our presence in Northern Mindanao, while in Southern Luzon we have our successful soon-to-be-turned-over project, Miramonti Green Estate, located in Sto. Tomas, Batangas.  We are also soon establishing our presence in Central Luzon in the city of Morong, Bataan with a new project named Baia Verde. 

Miramonti Green Residences

After 15 years of establishment of IDC, we have successfully developed hundreds of units across our ongoing projects in Cagayan De Oro (CDO) and Santo Tomas. Looking ahead, we plan to construct thousands more units based on the development projects that we have in the pipeline.

 A highlight of the celebration was the unveiling of our much-anticipated projects that we will launch soon: Firenze Green  Limketkai area in CDO and Moena Mountain Estate in Bukidnon. Firenze will be a 15-story mixed-use green building (commercial/office/residential/service palms), while Moena is planned to be a mixed-use development project in the cool highlands of Bukidnon in Northern Mindanao. It is intended to be in the town of Manolo Fortich, near the Dahilayan Adventure Park, a prime tourist destination.

The picturesque property boasts fresh, invigorating air and abundant greenery, reminiscent of the popular Cordillera region in the northern Philippines. With its proximity to the adventure park, Moena is perfect for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Both ventures are with the prominent family in CDO, with whom we already have ongoing projects. 

Of course, we also took time to honor our top sellers and realty firms. Once again, I congratulate this year’s top performers. We likewise feted our Senior Sales Director Gladys Echano, who is also marking her 15th year in Italpinas, for her service, loyalty, and outstanding dedication as our employee “No. 001.”

Indeed, our employees and partners are more than just colleagues. They are family. Their expertise, creativity, and tireless efforts have shaped IDC’s legacy. Each person has contributed to our shared vision: from architects and engineers to administrative staff and property managers, and from sales agents to construction workers. And as we celebrate our milestone, we salute our team for their dedication, adaptability, and passion.

As we reflect on past accomplishments, the Crystal Anniversary also serves to align our thoughts and energies as we look down the bright path ahead. IDC is poised to continue its growth trajectory, maintaining its strategic emphasis on emerging cities across the country. 

The company’s plans include developing more sustainable properties that embody the fusion of Italian design and local culture, further cementing its reputation as a pioneering design-driven green developer. 

Drawing upon the gains we’ve achieved, we will continue our journey guided by our vision, fueled by collaboration, and inspired by the beauty of the Philippines. Here’s to 15 years of excellence and to the exciting chapters yet to unfold!