Makati Coverall premieres Teckentrup door solutions in the Philippines

Renowned interior fit-out construction firm, Makati Coverall and Interiors Inc. (MCA), hosted an exclusive product premier on April 17th, 2024, at New World Makati Hotel.

The event, titled “Behind Closed Doors: An Exclusive Product Premier,” unveiled Teckentrup Door Solutions from Germany to a distinguished audience of key executives from the leading property developers, main contractors, architecture, and consulting firms in the Philippines.

“We felt there’s a big demand for special doors. These are not just ordinary doors, these are fireproof and soundproof. This is the first time their product is being introduced in Asia,” explained MCA VP Boris Aldeguer during a quick chat with the media before he opened the night’s proceedings.

Aldeguer emphasized Teckentrup’s innovative and exclusive line of fireproof and soundproof doors, catering to the growing demand for specialized door solutions in data centers, subways, airports, and even residential areas.

“These doors are perfect for data centers, subways, airports, and even residential areas. Doors of this kind are not only for data centers but also for subways. We have safety doors for airports among others,” he added.

MCA, now the official distributor of Teckentrup doors in the Philippines, has established itself as a leading force in the interior fit-out industry since its inception in 1977.

Led by Civil Engineer Cely Aldeguer, the all-Filipino organization boasts a team of professional engineers, designers, and architects who prioritize meticulous execution and a deep understanding of the designer’s vision.

Sharing the company’s experience and future goals, the amiable MCA President is elated to provide world-class Teckentrup solutions to the Philippine market.

“The company has been in business since 1988. We’re excited to evolve from a general contractor to a specific supplier of doors and insulation,” she said.

For its part, Teckentrup prioritizes customer needs and works collaboratively to develop innovative solutions. Their certified “Made in Germany” products are known for high quality and are backed by over 90 years of experience. They focus on three key standards: Design, Security, and Service.

Pascal Seliger, Sales Director for International Project Business, delved into the company’s comprehensive product and service portfolio, highlighting key benefits and solutions.

In his presentation, Teckentrup doors offer both aesthetic appeal and functionality, meeting the highest safety certifications. Their comprehensive security concepts ensure protection against various threats. Additionally, they provide exceptional service throughout the entire process, from product development to installation and maintenance. Sustainability is another core value at Teckentrup as all their products are certified according to environmental standards and they prioritize sustainable production practices.

With a proven track record as a trusted fit-out sub-contractor for Makati Development Corporation (MDC) and EEI Corporation, MCA has a diverse portfolio encompassing retail malls, BPO buildings, hotels, high-rise condominiums, industrial plants, offices, retail spaces, cinemas, country clubs, and various other commercial and residential projects.

This exclusive product premier marks a significant step forward for MCA as they solidify their partnership with Teckentrup, offering cutting-edge door solutions to the Philippine market.