iACADEMY dominates with six spots the 2024 Real Estate Broker’s Licensure Exam

iACADEMY has established itself as the leading institution for Real Estate Management with its exceptional performance, as graduates secured the 3rd, 4th (multiple students), 8th, and 9th positions in the 2024 Real Estate Broker’s Licensure Exam. These remarkable results have earned iACADEMY the title of top performing school in this year’s board examinations.

Choosing the right institution

To become a practicing real estate professional in the Philippines, individuals must complete the Real Estate Management (REM) course and pass the Real Estate Licensure Examination administered by the Professional Regulation Commission. This exam assesses the competency of aspiring real estate service practitioners, including brokers, appraisers, consultants, and salespersons.

Among all schools offering Real Estate Management courses, iACADEMY stood out as the top institution due to its unique learning methods, encapsulated in their Faculty-Framework-Focus approach. This approach combines theoretical knowledge with practical activities, providing students with a comprehensive and enriched learning experience essential for their real estate service careers.

iACADEMY’s Faculty-Framework-Focus approach

iACADEMY prides itself on its faculty, who deliver exceptional lectures, manage classrooms effectively, and design assessments tailored for board exams. Led by seasoned industry practitioners skilled in business, arts, and technology, the faculty ensures the curriculum is always current and integrates the real estate industry’s needs, including both soft and hard skills and emerging technologies. The focus on critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the classroom is crucial for exam success and real-world applications. Rigorous preparation programs, including mock tests, review sessions, in-house reviews, and study materials, further enhance students’ readiness for the board examinations.

Additionally, iACADEMY boasts an impressive student and alumni profile, including professionals with backgrounds such as executives, accountants, and lawyers pursuing second degrees. This diverse network offers students valuable learning exchanges and professional connections.

Dr. Vanessa Tanco, iACADEMY’s President and a board top notcher for both the Real Estate Broker and Appraiser Exams, advises aspiring real estate practitioners, “The theoretical strength is coupled with personal experiences from people driving the program, and we take pride not just in the culture of excellence that is expected in any school but the culture of care we give to the students to make sure they learn what matters, that is what sets us apart. If you want to pass the board examination, go to other REM schools. But if you want to TOP the board examination, go to iACADEMY.”

Begin your journey to success

Start your journey to becoming a part of the next generation of game changers shaping the future at iACADEMY. Learn more about iACADEMY’s Real Estate Management Program by visiting: iACADEMY Real Estate Management Program