Brittany delivers the finest in coastal living with Escana Boracay

Embracing a lifestyle in the beautiful countryside has increasingly captivated many city dwellers.

And for a good reason. Idyllic locales like Boracay, Bohol and Palawan offer a unique blend of natural beauty and peace, providing the perfect escape from the urban hustle. Here, you can readily reconnect with nature and savor the more laidback, peaceful pace of countryside living, allowing you to achieve a balanced work-life harmony essential for your health and well-being.

It’s no wonder that more and more people are drawn to the tranquility of these famed destinations, seeking respite from the relentless pace of city life.

Redefining leisure destinations

Recognizing this growing desire for tranquil living, leading property developers are now presenting unique opportunities to embrace the serene countryside lifestyle. 

Brittany, the premium leisure and residential arm of Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc., is at the forefront of this movement. The company is extending its luxurious developments to some of the Philippines’ most iconic tourist spots, redefining “leisure destinations” with world-class experiences, amenities, and views.

Brittany’s expertise in crafting exclusive communities shines through in these destinations. its sustainable architecture, thoughtful designs, and top-tier amenities are tailored to meet the highest standards of comfort and sophistication. Each enclave is designed to blend seamlessly with natural surroundings while providing unparalleled convenience and luxury to its residents.

Touch of elegance

In the tropical paradise of Boracay, Brittany brings its signature touch of elegance with the 5.1-hectare Escana Boracay. 

Located in the secluded Station Zero, adjacent to the island’s most luxurious resorts, Escana Boracay offers a unique coastal lifestyle where nature and modern comforts converge. Residents here will enjoy breathtaking sunsets, crystal-clear waters, and powdery white sand, complemented by a host of top notch amenities.

In harmony with Boracay 

To realize its vision, Brittany has collaborated  with WOW Architects, a Singapore-based design consultancy known for projects like the award-winning St. Regis Maldives and Anantara Resort in Malaysia.

For Escana, WOW Architects has crafted a modern tropical biophilic residence inspired by the beautiful coastal scenery of Boracay—a design that brings together luxury, sustainability and ecological consciousness, ensuring residents enjoy an elegant lifestyle in harmony with nature.

Escana Boracay offers a variety of residential units spread across four six-storey buildings. From studio deluxe units (up to 38.70 sqm) to two-bedroom executive units (up to 92.53 sqm), each residence features a generous balcony that extends your living space, providing you with calming, panoramic hillside or sea views.

Your countryside retreat in Boracay

Beyond the stunning beachfront and breathtaking views, Escana Boracay also presents an array of upscale amenities designed for your relaxation and rejuvenation. The Seacoast area offers beach walking trails, a spa, recreational areas, and beachfront lounges. Residents can likewise unwind in the gardens, along the jogging path, at the pool deck and bar, or in the infinity edge pool and sky garden.

Escana Boracay, no doubt, embodies the quintessential countryside retreat, providing an idyllic sanctuary where the allure of nature and the conveniences of contemporary living come together seamlessly—essentially offering an exquisite lifestyle steeped in elegance and tranquility. 

Truly, Escana has everything the heart needs to call it a home. All that it’s waiting for is you.

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