Embracing the joys of farm living at La Huerta

Many of us long for nature as it has that remarkable ability to awaken our senses, invigorate us, and revitalize our spirits.  At times, it offers a sanctuary where we can find peace, clarity, and renewal. 

This is perhaps why most of us would be willing to go on spontaneous journeys, whether a brief drive to or an extended excursion in the countryside, in pursuit of that much sought communion with the natural world.

But what if we could enhance this experience further, immersing ourselves instead in the allure and tranquility of farm living? 

Publicly listed Sta. Lucia Land Inc. offers the perfect retreat for your yearning through the 50-hectare La Huerta Farms and Residences. This scenic neighborhood in Calamba, Laguna lets you enjoy the perks of a laidback community, away from the frenzy of city life; a dream home with your very own small plot of land to tend to; and possible returns from a smart investment.

La Huerta is equipped with modern features and amenities, including a community clubhouse that houses a swimming pool and other recreational facilities.

La Huerta is one of Sta. Lucia Land’s most notable projects as it will enable future residents to create their dream home, bask in the majesty of their own farm and sweeping views of Mt. Makiling, while enjoying life’s simple pleasures. A home here will let you enjoy the solitude of the countryside while still having easy access to major roads and highways going to the metro.

“The refreshing ambiance and the views are definitely some of the key reasons why farm living is attractive. When property owners settle in La Huerta, they do not have to inconvenience themselves to take on a certain distance just to get a taste of the countryside. Its location in Calamba, Laguna allows you to enjoy this without having to sacrifice access to the metro,” said Sta. Lucia Land president Mr.  Exequiel Robles. 

La Huerta is divided in four clusters, each having a selection of farm lots. These are El Cielo (The Sky), El Sol (The Sun), La Luna (The Moon), and La Lluvia (The Rain). Lot buyers are expected to follow certain design guidelines to ensure that their future farm homes will have ample space for them to start a vineyard or a small farm where they can readily harvest their own produce. 

Mr. Robles pointed out that farm living was something that many of us had once imagined and dreamed of.

Now, La Huerta will turn this dream into a reality, offering the many perks that often come with owning a farm in the countryside. Future investors and lot buyers will literally and figuratively harvest the fruits of their investments. 

La Huerta Farms and Residences is part of Sta. Lucia Land’s expansive portfolio that spans more than 300 projects across the country.