United Architects of the Philippines hosts largest National Convention in 2024

As the world gradually recovers from the pandemic, the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) is hosting its 49th Annual National Convention from April 17 to April 20, 2024. The event, held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, is expected to be the largest gathering of architects in the organization’s history, with over 7,000 delegates, not including sponsors and industry associates.

Leading the event are UAP National President, Architect Richard M. Garcia, and the National Board of Directors, with Architect Christian R. Velasquez chairing the convention. This year’s theme, “Amplify,” aims to elevate key discussions and ideas, broadcasting them globally to make a substantial impact.

The convention will focus on intensifying dialogue, strengthening collaborative efforts, and broadening the scope of architectural discourse. The packed schedule includes groundbreaking topics such as the influence of Artificial Intelligence on architecture, the challenges faced by young architects competing internationally, the future of virtual architecture, and the implications of recent Supreme Court rulings on the profession’s practice standards.

In addition to the professional discussions, the convention features a Construction Exhibit on the SMX’s ground floor, showcasing the latest technologies and designs in the building industry, open free to the public.

The speaker lineup is a roster of prominent figures, including Architect Tim Fu, a leader in advanced computation and AI in architecture; Dr. George Kachaamy from the American University in Dubai, noted for his work in virtual environments and phenomenological theory; and Kirck Allen, an expert in Metaverse, AR, VR, and Blockchain technologies. Roland Schnizer, with his extensive experience in Southeast Asian projects and a focus on Tropical and Vernacular Architecture, will also speak. Additional distinguished Filipino architects, including Felino A. Palafox Jr, Royal Pineda, and William Ti Jr., will also be part of the speakers’ guest list.

A special ceremony on the second day will honor UAP members who have served for over 35 years, awarding them EMERITUS medallions. This recognition will be led by past national presidents Froilan Hong, Prosperidad Luis, and Benjamin K. Panganiban Jr., honoring approximately 100 veteran members.

Another highlight includes the presentation of the prestigious LIKHA Award to Architect Jose Mari Canizares from the UAP Cebu chapter for his exemplary contributions to the field, adding prestige and honor to the organization.

This National Convention promises to be a landmark event, setting new standards for professional development and discourse in architecture across the globe.