The art of choosing quality tiles

As a homeowner, I pick every detail in my house, ensuring that it reflects my style and taste. From the color of the walls to the furniture pieces, each element contributes to creating a space that feels truly like my own. 

I also give a lot of thought to selecting the tiles for my floors and walls because the right tiles can transform a room, adding personality and character to any space. But quality is just as important as aesthetics. Researching and inquiring about the best tile brands can be quite overwhelming.

Tiles Manufacturing Facility

That’s why the question, “What makes a tile truly exceptional, durable, and long-lasting?” has always been at the forefront of my mind. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to delve into this question during a visit to Vietnam. Accompanied by the Wilcon Depot team, we had the privilege of visiting the tile factory of Amy Grupo, a reputable brand that supplies domestic and foreign markets with the most high-class, eco-friendly products and services.

Tile Display

Amy Grupo was built in Vinh Phuc province – the cradle of the Vietnamese ceramic industry. It was founded and operated by experienced leaders who have led many large corporations in the industry. The company has been making substantial investments in human, material, and construction in the journey to build a reputable brand. With the most modern equipment, a professional production management system, and a skilled technical team, the brand boasts high-quality products.  

I was amazed by the meticulous process of producing each tile, from gathering raw materials to final quality checks. Every step is carefully executed to ensure the highest standards are met. Witnessing the detailed process of the tile production at Amy Grupo was truly an educational experience. It reminded me of how we at Wilcon Depot prioritize quality and craftsmanship in our tile selections, as we understand the importance of offering the best to our customers.

Wilcon Depot’s tiles stand out in terms of durability and quality due to several notable features. Our tiles are meticulously sourced and curated to meet rigorous standards, ensuring that each piece embodies excellence in both design and functionality. From classic designs to modern innovations, Wilcon Depot offers a diverse range of tiles that cater to every style preference while maintaining consistent durability and quality.

Vietnam Tour

We understand that the core of a good tile lies in a combination of key characteristics that ensure its sturdiness and longevity. These characteristics contain one aspect and a symphony of elements working together seamlessly. Quality tiles are crafted from durable substances such as porcelain, ceramic, or natural stone. These materials are resilient to wear and tear and withstand moisture and heat, making them ideal for various spaces, from kitchens to bathrooms to outdoor areas.

Our customers can visit our Tile Studio, which showcases an extensive tile collection of wall tiles, floor tiles, and countertops in various styles, colors, and textures from Italian tile brands such as Novabell, Versace, Energie Ker, Gardenia, Dom, Herbaria, Opera, Castelvetro, Keradom, and Naxos; to Spanish tile brands including Grespania, Rocersa, Cifre, Emigres, Keros, Tesany, Valentia, Onix, Oset, Vitacer, Grupo Halcon, Myr, Etile, and Eco Ceramica.  Asian tile brands like Arte, Sol, Lola, Huanqiu, Verona, Picasso Mosaic, Roman, Mulia, Kia, China Natural Granite, Basel, Saigres, and Gemma are also available.

Currently, we have the “Arte Verona Tile Pallet Sale” promo for the brands Arte and Verona, where customers can enjoy 20% discounts and exclusive offers if they purchase in bulk or pallet quantities until August 26, 2024.

Wilcon Depot’s extensive range of high-quality tiles reflects its mission– to help people build, improve, and refine their homes for a sustainable and comfortable life.

As we pursue durable spaces, here’s my advice to our readers and customers – investing in high-quality tiles is not just about the present but about building a foundation for the future. It’s about choosing materials that stand the test of time and weather the storms of daily life with grace and elegance.

So, rather than simply laying tiles, let us create stories of endurance, workmanship, and eternal elegance into the construction of our homes and places. For in the art of selecting quality, we create legacies that remain well beyond quick trends and fads, creating a lasting impression of style and sophistication.